Today we are releasing the new version of Accounting Software for Business Advanta Witty ERP Update 4.0.98. In this update, we have covered the VAT reports, TDS Feature, production reports, Item Batch Feature and more. Along with it, we fixed some known minor issues.


Software Product: Accounting Software for Business Advanta Witty ERP
Release Date: Saturday, July.19, 2008
Release Time: 4.00 PM
Version: 4.0.98

Following are the main attractions of new release of Small Business Account Software:

  • Added Rate and Amount Columns in Stock Transfer Transaction.
  • Added Facility to use Batches in Stock Transfer Transaction.
  • Improved UP VAT Reports and Printing.
  • Added Party Wise and City Wise Search in Inventory Vouchers. You can use this facility by clicking on the Search button in Transactions>Inventory Vouchers>View/Edit Form.
  • Added Party Detail Tab in Inventory Vouchers. This tab displays all details of the party of selected invoice.
  • Added one more column in Outstanding Aging Analysis Report.
  • Improved Punjab VAT-15 Form.
  • Added CST Payment Reporting.
  • Improved CST Form 1.
  • Added facility to store and report different production date in stock vouchers.
  • Created Invoice Fields Detail Report to show the amount of various fields applied in Invoices.
  • Improved Production Reports.
  • Improved Warning Alarms in Inventory Vouchers and accounting vouchers.
  • Ledgers of group Expense and Income will be available in Posting Ledger in Inventory Vouchers in Inventory Management System. These ledgers can be used by selecting N/A in item name field.
  • Added new report for Capital goods purchase details in Punjab VAT Reports.
  • Added facility to deduct TDS through sales voucher.
  • Added facility to deduct TDS on Item Value when Parent Group of the Posting ledger is Expense.
  • TIN number of the company will be printed in sale, purchase registers from now onwards.
  • Implemented Cheque Books Management feature. This feature allows to store and report the status of all the leaves of your cheque books. You can easily come to know that which leaf is missing, canceled or issued to a particular party. Turn on/off this feature from Tools>Control Panel>Features & Options>General Tab.
  • Improved Haryana VAT Reports and their printing.
  • Created Due Date wise collection sheet. This report shows the due date wise receivables/payable balance of the parties. Only available when you have turned on Bill By Bill Detail option from Control Panel>General Tab.

We hope you find these features useful. Please give your ideas – positive or negative, in comments here. We would love to hear from you about our Accounting Software for Business Advanta Witty ERP Update 4.0.98.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

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