We are pleased to release new Student Attendance Software Advanta Rapid ERP Update 4.2.24. We have covered accounting, attendance, library, payroll, admission module, and fixed some known issues.


Software Product: Attendance Software Advanta Rapid ERP
Release Date: Thursday, September 10, 2009
Release Time: 10.00 AM
Version: 4.2.24

Following are the major attractions of this release:

  • Added feature of Fund Type Wise accounting. You can allocate ledgers to any fund type. For example, you can maintain separate ledgers for Management Fund, University Fund, College Fund etc. All accounting books like Trial Balance, cash Book, Balance-Sheet, can be generated according to fund type.
  • Improved the design of Control Panel. Moved all settings from “Rapid Settings” to “Features & Options” and “Easy Wizard”
  • Added new field of Book Status, in Library Management System.You can easily check whether the book is in Library or has been Issued.
  • Improved whole Academic Module. Now it is easy to understand and use.
  • Added feature in Academic Module to define Grades, Class wise and Section wise.
  • Added feature to enter a student attendance while entering marks of student in any exam. This will make the process very fast. The attendance entered here can also be printed on mark lists.
  • Completely re-designed the Library Module. Revamped Master, Transactions, Control Panel, & Easy wizard settings.
  • Added option in Library Module to select the required data fields for books.Now you will not need to handle unnecessary data fields.
  • Improved Issue Books feature of Library Module. Now you can view the already issued books while issuing book to any member.
  • Added feature in Payroll Module, to show ‘Father Name’ of an employee while attendance and salary processing.
  • Added new field ‘Board/University Registration No.’ in Admission Module. This field appears in Previous Qualification window in student registration.
  • Added new field ‘University Roll No’ in student admission window in Admission Module. This field is available only when institute type is college.
  • Added new field ‘for book bank’ in the Library Module.

We hope you will enjoy using this update of Attendance Software Advanta Rapid ERP. Please leave your feedback in comments here. See you on the next release!!