We are very happy to announce that new version of Best Small Business Accounting Software Advanta Witty ERP Update 5.1.30 is now available. We have improved the accounting module, inventory module, VAT reports, TCS, Brokerage module, and stock transfer feature. Along with it, we have fixed some known issues.


Software Product: Best Small Business Accounting Software Advanta Witty ERP
Release Date: Monday, April.27, 2009
Release Time: 10.00 AM
Version: 5.1.30

Following are the main attractions of new release of Best Small Business Accounting Software:

  • Improved accounting and Inventory Voucher.
    Now Farmer Name Can be Selected at the time of Selection of Party Name. This Feature is available for Pesticide Business Type.
  • Added New Option in Feature and Option to Allow/Disallow Duplicate Item in Invoice.
  • Improved Stock Transfer Voucher.
    Now New Batches can be created at time of Stock transfer
  • Improved Voucher No Display.
    New Options are added to customize the display of Voucher No in Inventory Voucher. Options are available in Invoice Settings at Numbering Tab. User Can Select Fixed Digits of Voucher No, Padding Character and Separator for Prefix or Suffix.
  • Added Multiple Delivery Location Feature for Sundry Debtors.
    Add option in Feature and Options to Use Multiple Delivery Locations. On basis of this Option, New Master will appear to ask Different Locations of Party. At the time of Inventory Voucher Name of Delivery Location will ask. Location Can be Set on Pending ST Form Utility.
  • Modified Report Invoice Field Detail.
    This Report is available in Report> Miscellaneous Reports.
  • Improved Broker Deal Feature.
    Now Brokerage Can be  Set By Item Value or Taxable Value.
  • Added New Feature to Deal Items Sr. No. Wise.
    This Feature is Useful for Mobile, Electronic Goods, Automobile Business etc. The option is added in Easy Wizard and No. of Fields Can Be Set in Item Group Master. Maximum 8 Fields can be Set. At the time of Sale/Purchase, a window will ask for Values of Extra Fields.
  • Added TCS Deduction and Reporting Feature.
    The option is available in Easy Wizard to Use TCS.
  • Improved Sale Order/ Purchase Order Feature.
    Now All Pending Items Can Load in Sale/Purchase from Respective SO/PO. In Sale/Purchase Load Items Button will appear to ask SO/PO.
  • Improved Invoice Fields / Transport Detail Texts.
    Now Caption of Transport Detail Fields Can be Edited. And Field Can also select for Specific Series.
  • Improved Print Pending ST Form Utility.
    New Option is added to Print Pending Forms Quarter Wise.
  • Improved Punjab VAT Form 23.
    Now Report can be Search CST Wise.
  • Added New Option to ask Exporter Detail.
    Exporter Detail is useful for those Parties which export Goods. So New Feature is added in Series to Use Exporter Detail. If this Option is ON then a window will open in Transactions to ask all exporter related Fields and if we adjust sale from SO then values saved on SO will automatically pick in Sale but Can be edited.
  • Added New Option in Series to ask Decimal places for Item Rate.
    Three Decimals are required in Petrol Pump or Jewelry Businesses.
  • Improved Mix Stock for Multiple Item Option.
    Now One or More Items can adjust with one Item. In Item Master a New Window will Open to ask all adjusted Items.  And at Time of Sale, the Stock will Reduced of Adjusted Items Only.
  • Improved Stock Status Report.
    New Option is added to View Positive, Negative or All Stock.
  • Improved Ledger Master.
    Now Three Text Boxes are available for Ledger Address
  • Improved Delivery Location Master.
    Now Three Text Boxes are available for Location Address.
  • Improved Multiple Fields in Qty Option.
    If Use Item Multiple Fields in Qty Option is ON then at the time  of Save a New window will open to ask multiple Field, its Caption, Default Value and Calculation Type. Now at time of Inventory Voucher, all fields will Show Accordingly and Calculations accordingly
  • Improved Sale/Purchase Register.
    New Option is Added to Show Posting Account with Name of Item
  • Improved Stock Voucher.
    Now Items Can Only Consume or Only Produce in Stock Voucher, Similarly Item Composition Can Create for Only Consume Items or Only Produce Items

We hope you will find these updates helpful. Please give your feedback – positive or negative, in comments here. We would love to hear from you about our Best Small Business Accounting Software Advanta Witty ERP.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

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