Advanta Innovations is proud to launch Advanta Witty IPS – Invoice Printing Software

Advanta Witty IPS is very easy to use and powerful Billing Software, Invoice Printing Software with Bill Designer.

Sometimes in business, you are maintaining your accounts and inventory in a separate system, need to print invoices in a different Billing Software. Advanta Witty IPS is useful in such cases. You need not hire an accountant or employee generating invoices. You can use this Invoicing Software to design and print invoices on your own.

Advanta Witty IPS has the features of a powerful application but at the same time, it has a cute easy to use interface. Even a novice computer user may print invoices within seconds. Also, the software may be used in practically any type of business. The cost of Billing Software is also kept low so that you may save a lot in this time of recession.

Advanta Witty IPS contains inbuilt client masters, items masters, price lists, item groups, item manufacturers, sale categories and much more. While preparing an invoice you just need to select the client name and item name; Invoice Designing Software automatically picks all other details. Item Prices are automatically loaded from pre-defined price masters. Item value is automatically calculated based on quantity and rate being entered.

You can apply unlimited item wise & invoice wise taxes & discounts such as Trade Discount, cash discount, special discount, octroi, freight, loading charges, unloading charged, VAT, ST, CST and much more. The values of these taxes can be automatically calculated based on item value, quantity, per unit, previous field amount or bill amount.

And above all, Advanta Witty IPS contains an inbuilt invoice designer so that you can design your own invoices. You need not change your style of Billing according to software, in fact, you can change your billing software according to your need.

To know more about this billing software and check prices in other currencies, please click on the link below.

Advanta Witty Invoice Printing Software: Billing Software and Invoicing Software with Bill Designer