We are very happy to release the new version of Business Accounting Software Advanta Witty ERP Update 5.0.86. We have improved the accounting module, inventory module, Sale/Purchase Challan, VAT reports, and item classification feature. Along with it, we have fixed some known bugs.


Software Product: Business Accounting Software Advanta Witty ERP
Release Date: Monday, March.16, 2009
Release Time: 10.00 AM
Version: 5.0.86

Following are the main attractions of new release of Business Accounting Software:

  • Improved accounting module including accounting vouchers and reports.
  • Improved Tamil Nadu VAT Annexure I, Annexure II.
  • Changed Name  of State Pondicherry to ‘Puducherry’.
  • Added Chandigarh VAT  Form 2.
  • Improved UP VAT Form 24.
  • Improved Bar Code Printing Feature.
    Add option to auto generate Barcode for Items. Barcodes can regenerate any time.
  • Removed Financial year constraint.
    Now accounts can create seamlessly with no concern of financial year.
  • Improved Financial Period system.
    Now Financial Period can be Set as according to your business requirements.
  • Improved Interest Calculation Report.
    This report is visible in Misc. Reports when Bill by Bill Detail is ON.
  • Improved Item Batch Feature.
    Now Expiry Date is Optional.
  • Improved Item Classification Feature.
    Also, Add more Search in Stock Status II Report.
  • Improved ‘Complete Sale/Purchase Report’.
    The report shows Summary as well as Detail.  This Report is residing at VAT Report  – >More Tax Report.
  • Improved Inventory Vouchers.
    Now Items in Inventory Vouchers can restrict by Series. Only Selected Group’s  Items will appear.
  • Added New Report ‘User wise Transactions’ in Misc. Reports.
    All New, Edit, or Deleted Transaction  of Selected User can view by Admin.
  • Added New Report ‘Itemwise/monthwise Report’ in Stock Reports.
  • Improved Himachal VAT XV .
    Printing of Himachal VAT XV Converted from Landscape to Portrait.
  • Improved Inventory Item.
    Add New Option in inventory Item for Multiple Fields MF Constant. The user can put its calculation Expression in MF Constant. And this is useful to calculate Item Value.
  • Improved Ledger Printing.
    Now Company TIN, PAN,  Phone No. are shown in Printing. Authorized Signatory can also Print. Its Option appears in Print Options.
  • Improved Invoice Fields Detail Report.
    Added an Option to Search for Field Value of Invoice Fields Like VAT etc. This Report is residing at Report>Misc. Reports >Invoice Fields Detail.
  • Improved Chandigarh VAT 18.
    Add new Option to Select Sale by CST Rate.
  • Improved Fert./Seed/Pesticide Reports.
    Show Detail on entering or Double Click.
  • Added New Report ‘Salesman wise Parties’.
    This report Shows All Parties of Selected Salesman.
  • Improved Inventory Item.
    Now Unit of Opening Qty can be Different than Item’s Main Unit.
  • Improved VAT Computation.
    Now VAT Payable for Previous Period and VAT Paid During Period is Shown.
  • Improved Items-Wise Trading Statement.
    Now Weight will appear only if Item’s Report Unit Has Relation with Unit Quintal.
  • Added New Permission to Freeze/Unfreeze Data by User in User Permissions.
  • Added Series in Stock Transfer.
    From Godown To Godown Can be Freeze On Basis of Series.
  • Added New Report ‘Issued Received ST Forms’.
    This Report is residing at Report>Misc. Reports >Invoice Fields Detail.
  • Added New Report ‘Collection Sheet (Slip)’.
    It’s DOS Printing is in 40 Columns
  • Added New Option in Feature and Options (Tab Accounts).
    Load Both Dr/Cr in Inv Vouchers or Only Dr or Cr
  • Added New Utility in Control Panel -> Misc. To Change Ledger Group.
    This Utility is Useful to Change Parent Group of those Ledgers, where Closing Balance is of Opposite Nature.
  • Added SHE Cess in TDS calculations.
  • Added Series in Stock Voucher.
  • Added New Option to Show/Hide Rate, Item Value in Stock transfer/Stock Voucher.
  • Inventory Units like Pcs, Case, Meter, Dozen, Nos will be automatically created while creating a new company.
  • Added New Option in Series to Ask Terms & Condition at the time of Save Inv. Voucher.
    This Option is useful for those businesses who have Different Terms & Conditions for Different Clients.
  • Improved ‘Use Book No Feature’.
    Now Book No is Shown with Voucher No if Feature is ON.
  • Added New Reports for Fert./Seed/Pesticide.
    These Reports are Similar with Sale/Purchase Analysis but with only those Options which are applicable to this Business.
  • Improved Chandigarh VAT Form 15.
    Now Person Name and Status can Print through Report Options.
  • Improved Punjab VAT Form 15.
    Now Person Name and Status can Print through Report Options.
  • Improved Sale/Purchase Challan Feature.
    Now Challan can adjust with Sale by whole invoice or Item-wise.
  • Improved Haryana VAT Form R1.

We are sure you find these updates useful. Please give your feedback – positive or negative, in comments here. We would love to hear from you about our Business Accounting Software Advanta Witty ERP.

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