Advanta Rapid ERP is one of the best College Administration & Management Software available today in the market. Due to a large number of students and almost double the number of students tracking them in a college, it becomes very difficult to manage the whole thing. Principal and teachers require quick information to manage students and parents. Also, the management requires quick and accurate information to manage teachers and make key decisions. So college management application software is very necessary for proper growth of a college.

Why you need a College Administration & Management Software

College Administration Software helps to reduce redundancy and mismanagement from all departments of a college. The software contains 28 modules which help to easily manage all aspects and departments of a college. Advanta Rapid ERP College Management System has been designed in a way so that any user even with little knowledge of computer may use it easily and efficiently. College Software fully automates the process of following departments of your college:

Features of Advanta Rapid College Software

Using this College Administration & Management Software, teachers can easily enter attendance of students. Teachers can also easily manage all academic records of students. The examination and class test marks enter is also very easy with Advanta Rapid ERP. Library management module helps to easily manage all books of the college library. It helps to easily issue the books to students and keep track of issued books. It automatically calculates fine based on pre-defined options.

Benefits of a good College ERP Software

The college software has been designed as ERP software for colleges. With this, administration of Educational institutions may instantly get any information regarding all departments of a college. The college software has been developed by expert team of Advanta Innovations. The software is very much fast, flexible, easy to use, reliable and powerful. The company also provides a very good after-sales support to its customers.

Conclusion: Use a good College Software

We provide completely free of cost demonstration/trial of our College Administration & Management Software at your college. Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to get a chance to serve you. And, please note that after getting a demonstration of our software you will NEVER be compelled to purchase. The free demo/trial enables you to evaluate the college administration software fully without spending a penny. You can make your decision to purchase, once you are fully satisfied. So, don’t wait, and try the college management system, today…

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