We are pleased to release new College Software Advanta Rapid ERP Update 3.0.62. We have covered user permissions module, improved the speed of reports, school library module, front office module, added fields to student masters and fixed some known issues.


Software Product: College Software Advanta Rapid ERP
Release Date: Friday, July 11, 2008
Release Time: 6.00 PM
Version: 3.0.62

Following are the major attractions of this release:

  • Improved System of Max Students in Class and Section Master of the college software.
  • Modified college Outstanding Fee Report to work according to entered Due Date wise. Now it will show outstanding as on due date only.
  • Fully recreated College Fee Receipt Management Software Window. Now it will be more easy and fast to enter a fee receipt.
  • Started to show recently entered fee receipts in Fee receipt Window.
  • Printing of some reports improved.
  • A row containing Amount Totals created in some reports.
  • Added Fee Wise Ledger Detail Report in Fee Reports.
  • Added Fee Wise Ledger Summary Report in Fee Reports.
  • Added few more Fee Receipt Reports.
  • Added Student Mark Sheet Printing feature.
  • Added Facility to enter a minimum number of subjects, a student has to pass in order to pass the class.
  • Added College Student Ledger in student Fee Reports.
  • Improved Printing and Excel Export of All Reports.
  • Added facility to apply fee structure gender wise. Now you can specify whether a fee-head is applicable to guys or girls or both.
  • Added facility to automatically apply fees for the students who opt for the hostel, parking or transport (Bus/VAN/Rikshaw) Facilities.
  • Added feature in timetable module to copy a schedule to multiple days in a single effort.
  • Improved Printing of All Reports related to college management system.
  • Added Excel Export of all Reports.
  • Fixed some minor issues.

We are sure you will enjoy using this update of College Software Advanta Rapid ERP Update 3.0.62. Please leave your feedback in comments here. See you on the next release!!