Advanta Witty ERP is an Easy Billing Software. We are constantly working to enhance the software. We are happy to release the update version 6.3.21.

Software Product: Easy Billing Software Advanta Witty ERP
Release Date: Wednesday, Oct.19, 2011
Release Time: 10.00 AM
Version: 6.3.21

Below are the improvements done in this release:

  • Billing software updates
    1. We have added more featured to the billing designer to make it easy to generate the bills or invoice. So now your easy billing software is even more easier to use.
  • VAT Enhancements
    1. A new change in Haryana VAT R2 report i.e. it now shows the Opening VAT value in the form R2.
    2. Added a new tax class i.e. VAT @ 25% in VAT-48 VAT-49 reports for the state of Jammu.
    3. Added a new report VAT-XV-A i.e. for the state of Himachal Pradesh
    4. New Punjab VAT e-filing form uploaded.
  • J & I Form Improved
    1. Added new feature i.e. now user can add whole invoice wise taxes and discount in J FORM.
    2. Added a new feature for commodity broker and commodity broker and purchaser (Business type) i.e. in Easy Wizard->Miscellaneous feature (I) – Separate Posting of J FORM (Y/N). If user selects Y (Yes) than entry of J FORM will be posted in Separate A/C i.e. in Goods A/c or else it will not be shown.
  • Inventory Management System – Inventory Voucher in Improved
    1. User can see last purchase rate when a new Purchase Voucher is entered(This feature is turned on from Control Panel< Feature & Options<Inventory Voucher Show Last Sale/Purchase Rate)
    2. In this Inventory Management System, user can see stock according to two report units at the time of entering sale/purchase bill of selected item (This feature is turned on from Control Panel< Feature & Options<Inventory<Use two report units).
  • Accounts Voucher Improved
    1. Account Voucher date will remain same for all series and all voucher’s when user selects the option from Control Panel< Feature& Option< Date in Voucher Entry (N/A).
  • Bill By Bill Detail Improved
    1. Bill by bill adjustment window show multiple times according to the number of ledger selected with in account voucher.
  • Sale/Purchase Analysis
    1. Added Main+ Free Quantity option in report option in Sale/Purchase analysis reports.
  • Improved Invoice Designer
    1. Added a new field in report designer “Total Abetment”
    2. Added a new option in Printing Orientation i.e. Portrait/Landscape
  • Misc. Report
    1. Interest will be calculated on all the Invoices whether Payment Received or Not.
  • Sale Window Enhancements
    1. Added a new option in sale at the time of applying excise i.e. in single excise window excise can be entered for all the items.(We have added a new option i.e. Excise Apply to all Item Y/N if user select Y than this window will open only one time and excise can be applied to all the items collectively)
  • Excise Report
    1. Now user can see Excise report Rg -1 register item wise or group wise
    2. Added a new option i.e. now user can see RG-I report for all item or all Group collectively.

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