In the last couple of weeks, we were working to add new features in Employee Management Software Advanta Rapid ERP Update 4.1.74. Our main focus was to add some features which were in demand since a long time. We have improvedOutstanding Fee report, library module, due fee slips, employee management module and fixed some known bugs.


Software Product: Employee Management Software Advanta Rapid ERP
Release Date: Monday, June 22, 2009
Release Time: 10.00 AM
Version: 4.1.74

Following are the major enhancements in this update:

  • Added Course in “Outstanding Fee” report.
  • Improved Due fee slips printing to save paper.
  • Created New Report “List of House Wise Students” in Admission Module
  • Added ‘Books Catalogue’ report in the library module. This report is also visible in student module.
  • Now Student can login into student module by using 0 in the registration number. Only library reports will be available to the student in student module.
  • Create Due Fee Schedule master for printing in fees receipt.
  • Improved Book Stock report in the library module.
  • Created New Report “Station Wise Students”
  • Added roll Number, Code and registration number wise search in many reports.
  • Added printing of gate-pass for Early going students.
  • Added report for printing list of Early going students with visitor detail, station, pick point etc.
  • Created student strength report as per format, add search by gender, age years category wise, religion wise etc.
  • Created station and pick pointwise student list.
  • Added report for Head Wise Fee Due and Collection report. (Head Name, To Be Collected, Collected Amount)
  • Printed Signature Of receiver in receipt Voucher in accounting module.
  • Added Tuition fee certificate printing for selected fee heads of the students.
  • Provision made to allow an ordinary user to login into admin module. However only selected modules will be displayed.
  • Create fee register as per new format.
  • Added option to select Series in ‘fee ledger summary’ and ‘fee ledger detail’ reports.
  • Improved permissions for all modules.
  • Added report for Fees Collection On A Date.
  • Some minor bugs fixed from the application.
  • Added balance column in “Receipt Wise Fee Receipt Detail” report.
  • Added New feature of fee “Concession/Addition”.
  • Added following new reports for concession in admission module:
    • Student wise concession fees.
    • Student wise Optional fees.
  • Improved All reports to increase speed.
  • Added new report “Eliminated Students” for students who left the school.
  • Added new report “Vehicle wise charges” in Transportation module.
  • Added new Report “Fee Head Wise Concession” in fee module.
  • Added new feature “Misc Fee collection” for fees like late fee, absent fine etc.
  • Added New feature of receipt message. We can now print a message on receipt in English/Hindi /Punjabi language.
  • Added Student code feature. We can now give each student a code during registration.
  • Added utility “Edit Student Fee Structure”. You can assign a fee to multiple students in a single go.
  • Added utility “Reset Student Wise Fee Structure”. You can delete the student wise fee structure for selected students.
  • Added utility “Due-Fee Slips”. You can print due fee slips for the selected students.
  • In Library module, you can now issue books based on card system and can issue to student teachers or staff members.
  • We can now store magazines and newspapers information in the library module.
  • Created Student attendance module for monthly and daily attendance.

We hope this update will help you get even more from Employee Management Software Advanta Rapid ERP. Please give your ideas positive or negative, in comments here.