In this era of technology and computers, it has become necessary for the educational industry to keep itself updated else it will be left behind, imparting education at lower standards. Advanta Innovations is pioneering School Management Software Company that has introduced Advanta Rapid ERP – perfect and essential school management software which manages the complicated data of school administration. Schools now days are considered to be like big corporate houses that record management together with accounting data while also need content management solutions for an efficient productivity of day to day activities.

Benefits of a good School Management Software

A good school management system starts benefitting you from day one. Once you implement the school management software, operations of the whole school comes under your better control. Here are some ensuing benefits of Advanta Rapid ERP School Software:
• It removes bottlenecks in the procedure of getting information from piles of papers or data stored in the computer system
• Advanta Rapid ERP reduces stacks of files and papers
• It improves the response of the system to meet the demand of the entities associated with the school
• Advanta Rapid ERP is a perfect integrated solution for managing academic, business, and administrative process
• Saves the time of staff which is spent in filing, posting, retrieving, and compiling paper records
• Helps in understanding the basic and initial flaws in academic structure of school and student
• Escalates the commitment of parents in school activities
• Offers systematic database together with excellent recalling facility
• Streamlines and smoothens the administrative work
• Provides the teachers an opportunity to share their ideas and experiences thereby building a competitive database of emerging future activities
• It results in sophisticated analysis of data and it helps in rendering a better learning and communication

Objective of using a good School Software

The main objective of using a good school software is to automate and better manage the main administrative activities of schools of different kinds. This software is user-friendly which can be customized to adapt the particular school management system. It has myriad of benefits to the school administration together with the students and their guardians which are simply never ending. Technology has certainly revolutionized the dynamics of human beings.

Introducing Advanta Rapid ERP School Management Software

Advanta Rapid ERP is comprehensive school management software which is particularly designed for efficient management of assorted school activities. There are many benefits of school ERP Software that your school can reap. From minimizing manual efforts and time this software also reduces the manual task which is required to execute school administrative and management duties. Advanta Rapid ERP is a perfect solution for any school that faces difficulty in managing their day to day tasks.

Leave a better impression on student & their parents

With the students and their parents becoming more education conscious, it has become natural for them to look for schools that have advanced school management systems that provide quality education to their students. Advanta Rapid ERP is designed in accordance to the advanced technology which handles critical and large database. The primary aim of this is to store the student enquiry, student admission detailsstudent information records, student examinations & results, medical history, student attendance records, staff attendance records, teacher timetable, and manage other departments. The information of ex-students or terminated students is also recorded in the database. Establishing an excellent rapport between the students and the staff, this school management system is considered simply outstanding.

Conclusion: A good school needs a good software

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