In the last couple of weeks, we were working to add new features in HR Management Software Advanta Rapid ERP Update 4.3.40. Our main focus was to add some features which were in demand since a long time. We have improved employee management, hr module, admission, fees, library management system and fixed some known issues.


Software Product: HR Management Software Advanta Rapid ERP
Release Date: Monday, April 26, 2010
Release Time: 10.00 AM
Version: 4.3.40

Following are the major enhancements in this update of HR Management Software:

  • Admission Module.
    1. Allow editing all fields of “Student Admission” window, even after entering student receipts.
    2. Added new feature ‘Automatic Pick Student Previous Class Options While Upgrading’ in Admission Module.
    3. Added new report ‘Student Strength Gender Wise’ in Admission Module
    4. Added new feature ‘Ask Class In Registration’ in Admission Module. By this feature, you can select a class at the time of students registrations.
    5. Improved the ‘Hostel Facility’ feature.
    You can apply hostel facility to student according to time period
    6. Improved the concept of entering student registration no. in student registration window the user can enter student registration in the text as like ‘FDK-009-100067’ and also no limitation of registration no. in digits. This concept effect on everywhere, wherever is student registration no. is available.
  • Fees Module.
    7. Improved the bank reconciliation concept for students fees receipt.
    8. Added new option ‘Fund Type’ in report ‘Fee Register – 2’.
    9. Added new column ‘Opening’ in outstanding fees report.
    10. Added ‘Previous Received’ Concept in ‘Fees Receipt’ and respective reports.
    11. Added new option ‘Effect In Student Ledger’ in Fee Refund Transaction.
  • Time-Table Module.
    12. Improved whole timetable module.
    13. Added fast automatic timetable generation
  • Academic Module.
    14. Added new feature optional subjects in academic module.
    You can assign subject is optional or not at the time of subject creation.
  • Library Module.
    15. Added new feature ‘Fine Receipt’ for the library. By using this feature you can collect students fine. Also added reports respective this feature ‘Due Fine Register’ and ‘Fine Receipt Register’ in the library module.
    16. Added new option ‘Edit multiple books’ in book editor. By using this feature you can edit multiple books at one time according to books accession number.
    17. Improve the books Issue/Return system.
    18. Added new feature ‘Use Membership Expiry’ for library members.
    19. Changed the library transactions name as like an ‘Issue/Return Books’ has changed into ‘Issue Book’ and ‘View/Edit’ is ‘Issue/Return Books’ has changed into Return Books.
    20. Added new alternate for return books ‘Quick Return Books’ from the student. Transactions > Library > Quick Return Books
    21. Improved the search option in each and every report according to report format for whole rapid modules.
  • HR Management and Other enhancements
    • Added new feature of Student Wise Fees Concession in Fees Module. Now you can fix concession at any percent of a fee head amount.
    • Created Report Designer In Utilities. Using this utility, you can create unlimited new reports of Enquiry, Registration, Admission and Library. You can choose the name of the report, columns and order of columns to create a report.
    • Created utility for printing barcode labels for books in the library. These labels are printed by using accession numbers.
    • Added feature in reports to search by Registration No. or by Student Code.
    • Enhanced Transportation module. Now you can assign multiple pick points, station and fees to a student in a single session.
    • Created new report in Fees Module, Series Wise Collection. This report can be used to track fee receipts from multiple counters or windows.
    • Added new permissions in User Manager module to Allow Backup Data, Allow Restore Data.
    • Added new module to Send SMS. Using this module you can send SMS through the internet.
    • Added option to enter due date in Shop sales in Shop Module. Now shop fee will be picked in receipt transactions according to the due date.
    • Improved Excel Export system of all reports. Now you can edit the contents of any excel sheet cell, and perform a calculation on cells easily.
    • Added new report in Fees Module: Fees Module Changes log. This report shows the changes made to student fees by a user.
    • Added option in the subject-master in Academic Module to set the order of subjects.
    • Added option to copy the Class Wise Subjects to other classes or section with the click of a button.
    • Added option for to search student records by Student Name and Student Code in Examination Marks Explorer in Academic Module.
    • Added option to Change Student Class, Roll No & other fields from student admission window, even after student Fee Receipt has been generated.Previously these options appeared disabled.

We hope this update will help you get even more from HR Management Software Advanta Rapid ERP. Please give your ideas positive or negative, in comments here.