We are pleased to inform you that latest update for Invoice Generator Software Invoice Generator Software Advanta Witty ERP version 6.1.36 is now available. Please download and update it as soon as possible.


Software Product: Invoice Generator Software Advanta Witty ERP
Release Date: Monday, November.29, 2010
Release Time: 10.00 AM
Version: 6.1.36

Following is the list of enhancements and fixes available in this update:

  • Improved Batch wise Detail Feature.
    1. Added more Options in Easy Wizard to configure Batch wise Detail. Controls will Show/Hide on basis of these options.
    2. Added an Option to “Use Hold Batches”. Basis on this option in Batch Editor “Hold Batch” option will appear. If a Batch be on Hold then that Batch cannot be sold.
    3. Batch can be Edit by pressing F6 when focus is on Batch Combo in Inventory Voucher Item Editor.
    4. Added an Option “Use Lot No”. This option can be used if user wants auto fill Batch Name. At time of Purchase if new Batch is created then user will enter 0 (Zero) to Batch name and at time of save Software will auto fill Batch name as YearMonthDay-SrNo format.
  • Improved Inventory Voucher View/Edit.
    1. Added Summary Button. On Click this Button Data can be summarized by various Criteria.
    2. List of Party Name can be filtered permanently in Series and Can be Filtered by
    3. Pressing F9. Parties will be filter on basis on Ledger Groups and Cities.
  • Added Cost Centre Feature.
    1. Added an Option in Easy Wizard to “Use Cost Center”.
    2. Basis on above option two Masters will appear in Master / Account.
    3. Basis on above option an Option will appear in Ledger Masters. User can also set default Cost Centre for Ledger.
    4. In Account Voucher if Cost Centre Option is ON then a window will appear to ask Cost Centre.
  • Updated Chandigarh VAT. Added Sales @ 5% , Purchase @ 5%, Purchase Capital Goods @ 5% Tax Classes in Chandigarh VAT as per Govt. Notification
  • Improved Inventory Vouchers. New Challan / Challan Return can be created at time of adjustment of Challan.
  • Added Item wise Fields Summary Reports. If any Option from Item Type, Item Class, Item Form, Item Schedule, Item Marketer in Feature and Option is ON the a Report will appear in Reports / Stock “Item Fields wise Stock” This Report will Show Summary. By Pressing Enter Detail for selected Item Type can be viewed.
  • Improved Report Designer. Added Additional Quantity field in Inventory Voucher. Also Added sum of those Fields where Sum is possible.
  • Improved Sale / Purchase Categories. Added Levi able Sale / Purchase Option in Categories. This option is used in Annexure II report for Haryana Rice Mills. So the above option will show only for Haryana State and Rice Mill Business Type
  • Improved Ledger Master. Added Excise fields at Particular tab in Ledger Master.
  • Improved Invoice Format Designer.
    1. Added Following New Variables in Invoice Designer. Company Country, Company State, Company District, IE Code, Company Banker.
    2. Added new Segment for Challan Return Item Detail. Now Items of Challan Return can be shown with different Style than Sale or Challan Items

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