In the last couple of weeks, we were working to add new features in School Accounting Software Advanta Rapid ERP. Our main focus was to add some features which were in demand since a long time. We have covered time-table, payroll, and admission module, mainly. Along with it, we have increased the speed of the main report of Library module and fixed some known issues.


Software Product: School Accounting Software Advanta Rapid ERP Update
Release Date: Monday, September.6, 2010
Release Time: 10.00 AM
Version: 4.3.94

Following are the major attractions of this release:

  • Improved Time Table Generation Module: We are really very excited to bring a brand new Time Table module to you. A number of new options have been added, the whole timetable generation module is renovated for a better speed and accuracy. The interface is much cleaner now for enhanced usability. Also, a number of new reports have been created in this module.
  • Added Arrear Processing in Payroll: In this update, you can now easily process arrears on salaries of your employees in the Staff Payroll Software module. For your information, Arrear is the salary but paid at a later date. For example, when you give an increment the salaries from back date, then the total incremented salary for last months will be paid in the current month as Arrear.
  • Added RF Forms for Kurukshetra University (KU, Haryana, India) in College Software: As required by Kurukshetra University, we have added generation of RF Forms from within Student Admission Module of Advanta Rapid. Now you can easily generate the different RF forms of Kurukshetra University, Haryana. The different RF Forms includes RF Form-1, RF Form-2, RF Form-4, RF Form-4A, RF Form-6, RF Form-10A, Financial Statement, and Subject Wise Return.
  • Increased Speed of Library Reports: The Books Stock report in the library management software module is now with better speed. We have worked on this report to improve performance even if there are thousands of books in the Library.
  • Added a new option “To Be Return” in Library. A new option of “To be Return” for the books those are yet to be returned is now added in Library module. To avail this feature go to Transaction>Library>Return Books. When you select the type in the Return Books window you find this option of “To be Return” here.
  • Fixed some minor issues: Apart from the above, we have also fixed some minor issues in the software.

We hope this update will help you get even more from School Accounting Software Advanta Rapid ERP. Please give your ideas positive or negative, in comments here. We would love to hear from you. See you on the next release!!