Welcome to Advanta Rapid ERP (Institute Management System Software) in the blogosphere. This is the very first post of our blog.

First of all a brief introduction to the company, Advanta Innovations Pvt Ltd: We are new to this blog, but not to our business. we have a long term relation with our business and domain. Having a vast experience in the field, skilled team and rocking products.

We are highly experienced and specialized in Business Accounting Software, Business Management Software, School Management Software, College Software, Institute Management System, Payroll Software, Attendance Software, Barcode Printing Software Solutions, customized software development, web application development, outsourcing, and website design with interactive flash & multimedia animation.

We have three mainstream products in the market:

Advanta Witty Turbo: Complete Business Accounting Software

Advanta Rapid ERP: Most Comprehensive School Management Software

Advanta Rapid ERP: Most Comprehensive College/Institute Management Software

Passion for Innovation sets us ahead of others….

We believe that customer loyalty can be achieved through delivering reliable products and superior service. We ensure easy success of our customers through our team of experts, who with their vast experience in the IT field provide a backbone of support and reliance to rapidly built integrated e-business.

Please don’t hesitate in starting a communication. Post your comments, contact us any time. We would simply love to hear from you.

Thanks for your time.