In the last couple of weeks, we were working to add new features in School Timetable Software Advanta Rapid ERP Update 4.3.46. Our main focus was to add some features which were in demand since a long time. We have improved timetable, fees, library module and fixed some known issues.


Software Product: School Timetable Software Advanta Rapid ERP
Release Date: Saturday, May 8, 2010
Release Time: 10.00 AM
Version: 4.3.46

Following are the major enhancements in this update:

  • Added more features in timetable module. Now you can easily make teacher’s timetable for your school and college.
  • Added Multiple Courses option in Students Enquiry. Now you can select multiple Courses while entering student enquiry. This feature also affects in the Enquiry Reports too.
  • Subtype in Optional Field ‘Admission’. In the Optional Fields “Admission” there is a new and beneficial field of Optional Field Editor. You can set the options from Tools>Control Panel>Optional Fields. Here from you can easily mention the Field Name ,Code, Field Type, Max Length .In the Field Name type you can choose from the provided three options: Text, List or Yes/No. There are other fields also like the Default Value, Optional and Tab Stop. After providing the necessary data you can thus save it accordingly. Thus this feature reflects accordingly in the Admission window as well.
  • Delete Multiple Books from Library. From this new option, you can easily delete more than a single book. From the above window, you can search and select as many numbers of books you wish to delete. This feature would save both your time and labour.
  • Report Type in Outstanding Fees Report. There is another new feature introduced in the Outstanding Fees Report, namely Report Type. The report is available in Reports>Fees>Outstanding Fees. On clicking this Outstanding Fees you can see the option of Report Type. With the help of this particular option, you can view both Detail and Summary wise Fees Report. Details include the full student’s information. While the summary includes the details Class/Course wise.

We hope this update will help you get even more from School Timetable Software Advanta Rapid ERP. Please give your ideas positive or negative, in comments here.