If you want your business to win the competition, then you need to run the business differently. By this, if you think of the strategies then yes they too work well, but then there is an x-factor which helps you have an edge over your competitors. This x-factor could be your processes and policies or the business management and business accounting software. Such software helps the businesses thrive and all thanks to the advanced features like real-time reporting and inventory tracking.

Why you need a Business Accounting Software?

Any business accounting software has now become a mandatory tool for the business to survive. There are different programs which can be scaled down for working, but then there is no good reason – why not to use this software to your business advantage. To keep breathing and surviving in the competition, you need to your operational processes efficient. No matter if your business is an online store, home-based business or a small boutique marketing company that has a small number of employees. In all circumstances deploying an integrated business accounting software is an incredible way to stay on the top of your competitors.

Automate your work and save time

Have you been using paper and pen in managing the back end accounting operations? Then you might be missing out an important opportunity of smoothening or streamlining the process. It is time for you to upgrade the business accounting software for effective and efficient business solutions.

  • Cut down instances of human error
  • Have control of completely account records with few clicks
  • Easy to correct the data
  • Drill down on your data and get the information you need
  • Invoice generation and receivables reporting

Expanding the benefits, let us share what great benefits such accounting software bring in:

Real time reporting

Accounting software is mainly integrated because of a great feature that they hold – real time reporting. Ordering as well as inventory management becomes more accurate with precise information. It becomes easy to obtain a snapshot of different expenses, overhead cost, and revenues. You can easily determine if your business is on the path of achieving the set targets.

Scalable – grows with the business

The best feature of such accounting software is that they are scalable – means that their potential grows depending on the business functions. For example – hire more employees, open a new work location, add repair or rental component and eventually expand a product line.

Financial backup:

At times, small businesses may come up with the need of financial support when they move from one level to another. Any prospect lender would want to see how your finances look like before they invest in your company. Some of the details that they may need are:

  • Business plan and forecast
  • Business assets
  • Personal financial information
  • Tax returns
  • History of financial statements


If you have an effective business accounting software then pulling these details will not be a concern. From invoice generation to inventory management software, Advanta’s software encompasses everything that can help your business function efficiently.

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