A global market requires software that can keep up with the ever-changing laws and representations that govern it. After working on some of the major modules today we are releasing the new version of Small Business ERP Software Advanta Witty ERP Update 6.0.79. In this update, we have covered the Item Packing Unit Structure, Inventory Vouchers, Rice Mills Reports, Rajasthan VAT Reports, and Punjab VAT Reports. Along with it, we have improved the Printing of Accounts Vouchers and fixed some known issues.

Following are the main attractions of new release of Small Business ERP Software Advanta Witty ERP 6.0.79:

  • Improved Unit Structure of Items. Now Two Systems of Packing Units – Global and Item wise will work for all Items. Global Unit Structure can be used for Items where Relation between Packing Units is Common for all items. When Relation between units is Individual for each item then Item wise Unit can be selected from Easy Wizard.
  • Added a new feature of Unit Quantity Editor in Inventory Vouchers. A new feature with a new window appears in the Item Editor. If selected Item wise has a unit structure as Individual, then a new window of Unit Quantity Editor appears. Here enter Quantity for Three Levels, but main Quantity will auto converted to First Unit.
  • Improved Item wise Taxes and Discounts feature. Item wise Taxes and Discounts feature is improved now. The taxes and discounts which are imposed in this are automatically carried forward to other transactions.
  • Added a new button of Edit Multiple In Inventory Items. A new button named, Edit Multiple is added on Inventory Items Master. This Edit Multiple button helps to edit multiple inventory items within a single window.
  • Added two new reports for Rice Mills. Two new reports are added in the business type of Rice Mill according to the Format by Haryana Govt.Reports. They are Stock Statement of Paddy and Rice, and the other one as Register A.
  • Improved Trading Excise Report. Added new option to Sort Reports Manufacturing Date or Item Name wise. A new report is added “Balance Excisable Stock”. The user can view data of Excisable Items by RG No wise or Item wise.
  • Improved Rajasthan Vat Reports. In this update, the Rajasthan VAT report is also enhanced. Here Tax on MRP Tax Classes is introduced.
  • Improved Issued/Received ST Form Reports. Party wise Sub Total is added.
  • Improved Printing of Account Vouchers. A new option is added of Format Type in Print Voucher of Receipt and Payment. You can select Single Ledger or Multiple Ledger in this Format Type. When there are two or more A/cs debited or credited you can select Multiple Ledger here and the print would be generating accordingly.
  • Improved Depreciation Feature. Depreciation Chart is much more improved now. Default ledgers “Depreciation A/C” is added.
  • Improved Punjab VAT. Now the Punjab VAT reports are much more updated. In the VAT Form 15, VAT Form 18 and VAT Form 19 the branch transfer amount is now reflected.

We hope you find these features useful. Please give your ideas – positive or negative, in comments here. We would love to hear from you regarding our Small Business ERP Software Advanta Witty ERP Update 6.0.79. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.