We are releasing the new version of Software ERP Advanta Witty ERP Update 5.0.10. We have improved the Sale/Purchase Registers, VAT feature, ERP modules, the speed of transactions and more. Along with it, we have fixed some known bugs.


Software Product: Software ERP Advanta Witty ERP
Release Date: Monday, January.26, 2009
Release Time: 10.00 AM
Version: 5.0.10

Following are the main attractions of new release of Software ERP:

  • Revamped design and layout of the whole software to make it more user-friendly.
  • Improved speed of saving transactions and viewing reports
  • Added ‘Easy Wizard’ feature to easily configure Advanta Witty according to your business requirements.  Selection made easy and added new Options.
  • The easy wizard will open when you log in for the first time into a company.
  • Improved ‘Feature and Option’ in Control Panel.
  • Added Punjab VAT Form 20, VAT Form 21
  • Improved Haryana VAT Form LS 9, LS 10, LP 3, LP 8
  • Added CST Challan Form II
  • Improved Printing of Chandigarh VAT 31
  • Improved Printing of Punjab VAT 31
  • Improved Annexure A and B for UP VAT 24/24A/24B.  Added New option in Control Panel ‘Auto Pick Item Desc. In VAT’
  • Improved Himachal VAT XV.
  • Added new option in Control Panel to link Sale/Purchase with Sale Return/Purchase Return. A new window is opened at a time to Save Sale/Purchase Return to ask Sale/Purchase Data. This Data is required for Haryana VAT  LS 10 / LP 8
  • Improved ‘Remove Transaction Utility’.  Added Ledger Groups and Item Groups. A search of Ledgers and Items made easy.
  • Improved Quick Receipt / Quick Payment Feature.
  • Improved Search in Inventory Voucher View/Edit.  Added Godown wise Search. This option is worked if Multiple Godown Option is ON.
  • Added New Option in Control Panel to Fix Transport for a Ledger.  A new window is open at the time of Save the Ledger.
  • Improved ‘Collection Sheet Group Wise’ Report. Added an option ‘Zero Also’ to view Ledgers Group wise.
  • Improved Trading Account Report. Added New option to view all Trading groups separately. This option is shown only if Multiple Trading Account is ON.
  • Improved ‘VAT Computation’ Report. Now VAT Collected in I Forms also shown in the report.
  • Improved ‘VAT Summary’ Report. Now VAT Collected in I Forms also shown in the report.
  • Improved   ‘Item Classification’ Feature. Added easy editable Price List and Stock Status Report.
  • Improved Designing of Stock Transfer Form.
  • Added New Report ‘Interest Calculation’. This Report is shown if Bill by Bill Option is ON.
  • Improved I Form Issue Transaction. Added Invoice Wise Taxes also.
  • Improved Item Wise Trading Report. Now Purchase through I Form also shown.
  • Improved ‘Invoice Settings’ in Control Panel. Added Default Print Format for all series.
  • Improved Quick Menu Feature in Control Panel.
  • Added Printing Option to Detailed Payment/Receipt  Vouchers
  • Replaced Company Word with Organisation Throughout the Software.
  • Improved Search in Stock Status II Report, Now group wise Items Can also Searched. Stock Status II will show only when Item Classification Feature is ON
  • Improved Printing of all Reports of Interest Calculator
  • Improved Item Classification Feature.
  • Improved Designing of All Masters.
  • Improved Multiple Field in Quantity Feature. Item Value Can Calculate By Length, Width, and Height Basis.
  • Added CST Challan Master. Now all CST Challan Filed can be view later.
  • Added Punjab VAT Challan Master. Now all VAT 2/2A Challan Filed can be view later.
  • Added UP VAT Challan Master. Now all VAT Challan Filed can be view later.
  • Improved ITC B/F Feature for all States.  ITC B/F can be automatically calculated. To calculate ITC B/F automatically VAT Payable Ledger Should N/A
  • Added Multiple Series Feature in Account Vouchers.
  • Removed VAT Issue Report.
  • Improved Maintain Cheque Book Feature. Now if one Cheque Book got completed then it will not show in Transactions.
  • Improved Opening Stock Report.
  • Improved Sale/Purchase Registers. Weight Column will Show only if Packing Unit Type is Extended or Related. And Kg / Quintal Unit exist.
  • Improved Splash F10 Utility. Backup/Restore can perform at F10 Utility.
  • Improved Stock Summary Report.
  • Improved Item wise Trading Report. Now Closing Value can calculate optionally.
  • Improved Backup Setting. Now Duration type for Backup Time is Optional. i.e. Hours or Minutes

We are sure you find these updates useful. Please give your feedback – positive or negative, in comments here. We would love to hear from you about our Software ERP Advanta Witty.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

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