The growing education industry in India is urging different schools to cultivate an environment and culture of documenting while also rigorously examine the data so as to accelerate the school management. It is a fact that schools management has become increasingly complicated. Advanta Innovations realizes this and hence has designed Student Information System that will meet the needs of your school administration, teachers, parents, and students.

Need of a good Student Information System

To overcome the complexity of running a school, Advanta Innovations has come up with advanced student information software (SIS) that provides a robust platform. Generally called as Advanta Rapid ERP, our Student Information System helps in the regular functioning of the school in following ways:

  • Computerize the regular and mundane activities of your school while save your time by 45%.
  • Help reduce the operation cost by nearly 35% and reduce redundancy.
  • Accelerates the resource utilization process which includes the human resources, library, classrooms, and buses.
  • It streamlines the different operations which further well defines the procedures and workflow in a better way.
  • This software makes the management of educational institutes very effective and efficient.
  • Increases the staff productivity.
  • Streamlines the different processes during the admission season, when the workload is at peak.

Benefits of using best Student Information Software

The student management system provides a safe and secure database which organizes, stores while retrieves the real time information. User-friendly and intuitive, this software can be used by a user from any background. With our school management system, different functional departments of your school like attendance, admission, family information, inquiries, grading and discipline all are handy. This software serves as a common platform through which the school staff, teachers, and shareholders interact with each other, thereby contributing to making a world-class school.

Features of Advanta Rapid ERP Student Management Software

Advanta Innovations online school management system delivers pioneer services and assistance for managing your school effectively. The simple and web-based technologies accelerate the efficiency while cut down the costs that are associated with school registration, funding, budgeting, after school care, accounting and much more.

Benefits of Advanta Rapid ERP Student Management System

Our online software management solution rationalizes the different functional departments so that you focus on providing quality education to your students, brightening their future while leading them along the path of a promised career. Our software aims to enrich the lives of students and teachers by providing them education and impeccable professional experience respectively. Our school software facilitates convenience for students and parents by automating the financial and administration management for your school and its staff.

Conclusion: Advanta Student Information System has lot more features

Did you know that you can secure the online transactions and registrations, enhance the cash inflows, and cut down on different kinds of expenses with this student information system? Integrate the back end school accounting system with the student information software and fuel the staff efficiency by leaps and bound. You can go green and opt for a paperless school if you install our Rapid ERP software. By installing a complete browser based advanced school management software; your school will undoubtedly match the international education standards. Get in touch with Advanta Innovations and prepare yourself to stand out of the crowd…

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