Accounting Software Features

1. Advanta Witty Turbo is up-to 81 times faster than previous version. Speed of transactions and reports has been considerably increased.

2. Improved Ledger Master Window. Now Ledger Master window has been changed into Ledger Explorer, full detail of ledger and ledger report with all options can be shown on same window. A complete search facility is also available.

3. Improved Inventory Item Master.Now Inventory Item Master window has been changed into Item Explorer, full detail of item and stock status report with all options can view on same form. A complete search facility is also available.

4. Added utility to Import Ledgers from excel sheet.Now you can easily Import Ledger Masters from Excel sheet.

5. Added utility to Import Inventory items from excel sheet. Now you can easily Import Inventory items Masters from Excel sheet.

6. Added e-TDS Feature.Now e-TDS return can be generated from Advanta Witty Turbo.

7. Added new option in Easy Wizard to use Additional Tax/Surcharge. You can also edit additional tax for selected tax class. On behalf of above option value of additional tax will automatic loaded after VAT in Inventory Vouchers.

8. Added voucher copy – paste feature also for simple Inventory Vouchers.As according to the feature added in Accounting Vouchers, feature added to Copy Inventory Vouchers, too. Now a copy of any Inventory Vouchers can be created just by pressing single key.

9. Added To-Do Manager.Now user can make list of his important tasks and can set an alarm to remind at selected date/time.

10. Improved Multi-Company Trial Balance Report.Now on pressing Enter key, month wise and detailed report of selected ledger can be opened.

11. Improved Inventory Voucher View/Edit window.Added more options in search window of Inventory Vouchers.

12. Improved Accounting Voucher View/Edit window. Added more options in search window of Accounting Vouchers.

13. Improved Ledger Report search.Added more options in search window of Ledger report.

14. Improved Freeze Data feature.Added more provisions to avoid any changes in data of frozen date period.

15. Improved important reports.Improved Speed of opening of various reports.

16. Added new feature to manage Post Dated Cheque (PDC). This option can be turned on from Easy Wizard.

17. Added Multiple Country Support. Now you can select from a list of countries the home country of your organization.

18. Added Multiple Currency feature.Now base currency of a company will be automatically selected on basis of country selected in Organization.

19. Improved Item Wise Trading Statement.Now items having zero opening quantity and having no transaction in selected period will not be shown.

20. Improved Haryana VAT.Added new tax class for 5% vat in Sales and Purchase.

21. Improved J-Form and I-Form for commodity brokers.Done some cosmetic changes done to improve look and feel of window.

22. Improved J-Form and I-Form View/Edit window for commodity brokers.Added search button to search vouchers seller wise, purchaser wise, item wise etc.

23. Improved Missing Receipts report.Name of Missing Receipts report changed into Missing Vouchers and added an option to select Voucher Type and Series.

24. Added Serial Number wise inventory system in Stock Vouchers.Now serial numbers can be maintained in Production/Manufacturing process.

25. Added Self Quantity Stock Report in Commodity Broker Reports. Now Self Quantity usage can be verified through this report.