School/College Front-Office Reception Management System manages the interaction of the visitors and keeps a track record of it. This module allows the front office executive to manage visitors and provides assistance to them. This module also allows selling of prospectus, admission forms, issuing of certificates, letters and keep track record for the early leaving students. This module allows the front office executive to manage visitor’s details and provide them assistance. Front-Office Reception module also manages tasks like setting up of reminders for events, activities, contacts, appointments, incoming and outgoing calls routed.

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Importance of the Front Office/ Reception Management Software

Front office module plays important role in managing a school as every this is the initial point from where all activities are managed. The front-office manages the interaction of visitors with the staff members. Some of the important points for this module are:

  1. This module has the ability to track visitors’ details with the purpose of their visit along with visiting time and date.
  2. This module plays a vital role in tracking the details of courier received or sends.
  3. Helps to maintain records for essential reports like appointment details mean how many people have got the appointment.
  4. Enquiry details like its purpose follow-ups, etc. all the records have to be maintained by front office executive.
  5. Only this desk can generate the gate-pass to early leaving students.
  6. Monitoring number of visitors and provide them full assistance
  7. Keep the records for receiving and dispatch of the courier or mail.
  8. Scheduling for all the upcoming events/ or activities.
  9. Generation of certificates/ letters.
  10. Better communication among all the departments.

Front Office/Reception Management module of Advanta Rapid ERP

Advanta Rapid ERP school management system, college management software, and institute management software come with a very powerful Front office or reception management module that streamline all the operations in a very efficiently and systematic way. The executive can enter all the details of the walk-ins, phone enquiries, and appointments with teachers or principal. With Advanta Rapid, you can easily generate gate pass with single click required. This software is user-friendly and easy to use in which no expert training is required also, this software can control the process of the front office with single staff only and no paperwork required.

Features of – Front Office/ Reception Management Software

1. This module helps in maintain records for all the incoming and outgoing calls with their full details.
2. This is the smart way to keep a record for the courier.
3. Scheduling and setting of reminders for the task to be help in school.
4. With Advanta Rapid, you can easily issue gate pass to the students with date and time mention along with the reason.
5. Maintaining a record for all the visitors who have step-into the school for either inquiry purpose, meeting with principal or school staff.

Steps to complete – Front Office/ Reception management workflow

Step A: Creation of certificate/ letters templates and visit reasons
Step B: Enter data for the visitors who have come to school along with reasons and also list of students to whom gate pass has issued
Step C: Generation of reports for visitors and early going students

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