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Institute Management System Software is a complete suite of applications that permits you to automate all aspects of the administration of institutes. Institute Software helps you to capture, manipulate and present student data in a meaningful manner, generating fast reports automatically. Institute Management Software centralizes the data and automates institute administration, thus meeting the communication and information needs of the entire Institute in real time.

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Due to our vast experience of institute management software, we deliver the best modules with great reliability and comfort level of our customers. With a very high level of security and functional models, this is the best and easy to use software for all types of institutes. Advanta Rapid ERP is based on a single secure database structure that organizes, stores and retrieves real-time information. It is very intuitive and uses industry-standard interfaces so that you need not provide any special training to your staff.

Benefits of a good Institute Management Software

The automation of institute saves resources, man-hours, and money. So the time and resources can be spent on other more important tasks. To make sound policy decisions, accurate data should be available at required times. As you have quick and easy access to up-to-date information, Institute Manager software also helps you to improve strategic decision making in your institution.

By automating the administrative tasks of your institute, Advanta Rapid ERP helps in the day to day administration of the institution and improves efficiency in working. A large number of educational institutions have already reaped the benefits of Institute Management System. Advanta Rapid ERP is not only a good institute management system. But it’s also very good school management software and college management system.

Institute Management System helps you to:

A Good Institute Administration & Management Software is very much important in the proper administration of an institute. Following are the major benefits of an Institute Software:

Institute Management Software is suitable for following types of institutes:

  • School management
  • College management
  • Degree Colleges
  • Engineering Colleges
  • Diploma colleges
  • Law colleges
  • Nursing schools
  • B.Ed. colleges
  • Polytechnic colleges
  • Dental Colleges
  • Management Colleges
  • Pharmacy Colleges
  • Business Schools
  • Computer Institutes
  • Training Centers
  • Hardware Institutes
  • Coaching Centers
  • Play-way schools
  • Nursery schools
  • Many other Educational Institutes

Institute Management Software Company in India

This Institute Management Software is a product by Advanta Innovations, a leader in business accounting software, inventory management software, invoice printing system and institute management system software, and a long track record in solid product development & marketing. Advanta Rapid ERP has been already liked by a large number of clients and has won rave reviews, and media attention, mainly due to its simplicity of use and vast features and benefits it offers. Our rich domain experience ensures a reliable product and smooth implementation. We have a state of art development lab and provide customer support through email, telephone, live chat, online and remote desktop. Our prompt customer support team is always ready to serve all types of queries by you.

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