Shop/Canteen & Inventory Management Software helps to maintain all the stocks, inventory and sale/purchase of goods. This module is useful for the institutes which maintain with the selling of goods in the canteen, sale purchase of books or uniform etc. Using this module we can enter purchase and sale transactions, maintain the stock of all goods, create all types of VAT and taxation reports, and print sale bill/invoice etc. This software manages and processes easily to all the durables and consumables goods of school. This module in Advanta Rapid helps the management to get reports that display the information for all the expenses, consumption and availability of goods and stock items.

This module is interlinked with school accounting software and college accounting software which will help to manage vouchers for purchases, purchases return, sale and sale return. All the transactions related to stock or items can be properly maintained included stock transfer. Canteen and inventory module is very easy and comfortable software that deals with minor activities like creation of item units, item sets, etc. Advanta Rapid ERP has designed this module which comes up with various offers and adding facility of adding the quantity of stock. It is the most reliable and friendly software that records all the stock like school uniform, book set, assets in the canteen, etc very quickly which saves time and generate reports automatically.

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Importance of Shop/Canteen & Inventory Management Software

Shop/Canteen & Inventory Management module is a very important part for any school to maintain records for items or stock or any kind of assets. With the help of this module, the track record is maintained like total quantity of stock, how much it has consumed and what is the availability of stock. This module has the facility to track transactions like purchase/ sale and any item which is returned by students. Also, automatically reports related to inventory are generated which has the feature to provide a clear and transparent vision of inventory. This module is important as with the help of this module all the items or stocks can be listed down in an organized way and it make easier for the management team to maintain track for furniture, equipment, books set, uniforms, stationery items, etc. and it requires less time. This tool maintains all the information which is beneficial for resource planning for next session.

Shop/Canteen and Inventory Management module of Advanta Rapid ERP

Shop/Canteen & Inventory Management module comes with Advanta Rapid ERP school management system, college management software, and institute management software. This module is designed for effective and efficient working and proper utilization of resources. This management software is an error free module which reduces time, minimum staff, no paperwork and it keeps a control over inventory transaction. In Advanta Rapid essential reports for inventory/ shop/ canteen is automatically generated like stock status, stock summary, rate list of items, opening stock of the item and much more. With the use Advanta Rapid software this useful tool will help for maintaining records for inventory transactions like sale/ purchase and their returns.

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Features of Shop/Canteen and Inventory Management System

1. Proper allocation of resources

In Advanta Rapid, this module helps to allocate and proper utilization of all the items, assets that school hold, so that it is beneficial for resource planning for next session.

2. Defining groups/ units/ list of items

In this software, you can define units like pieces, numbers, and groups defining for a particular item to be categorized under group.

3. Complete stock status summary

You can easily get to know about the stock status summary like total in and out quantity, opening balances of items along with valuation of  items like MRP, purchase rate, sale rate, etc.

4. Recording inventory transactions

In Advanta Rapid, you can easily maintain transactions for inventory: sales, purchases, sale return.

5. Availability of stock

In Advanta Rapid you can easily maintain stock available means initially how much you purchased, then sold and if return then how and finally, in the end it’s easy to calculate how much stock is left with you.

6. Keep complete record for items returned and issued

In Advanta Rapid you can easily track the list of items that is issued to students and if any student returns an item that record is also maintained.

Steps to complete Shop/Canteen Management workflow

Step 1: Defining item units, stock groups, stock items, itemset, room types etc.

Step 2: Passing on inventory transactions (purchases, sale, and sales return)

Step 3: Generating reports like items rate list, item list, stock status, stock summary, stock evaluation, opening stock, student wise sale/sale return, receiving stock report and stock issue report.

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