Salient Features of Invoice Printing Software:

Very Easy To Use:

  • Simple Data Entry Format: The data entry format of the software is very simple, so that a user even with small knowledge of computer may use it effectively.
  • True Windows based Interface:The interface is truly windows based, according to Microsoft guidelines, so that there is no need for a training to use this software.
  • Online Help & User Manual:The software comes with an online help and user manual, so that you can easily learn about any feature.

More Fast:

  • Fast Data Entry: The data entry of the software is very fast. You can print an invoice with multiple copies within few seconds.
  • Fast Reporting:You can view the saved invoices very fast.

More Powerful:

  • Invoice Designer: You can design your own invoices and edit the existing invoice according to your requirements.
  • Print Pre-view:You can preview your invoices before printing.
  • Powerful data storage:The software can store and process unlimited invoices with ease and reliability.
  • Multiple field search utility:You can search for the invoices quickly based on any field like party name, date, client name, item name etc.
  • Maintain Privacy: You can even install this software on a pen drive and maintain privacy of your data.
  • Automatic Backup:The software has in-build automatic data backup system, so that your data is safe all the time.
  • Supports Unlimited Companies: If you have more than one company, you can install the software for multiple companies, as many companies as you wish on the same computer.

More Flexible:

  • Company Details:You can customize the name of your company and contact details that will appear on invoices
  • Tax & Discounts Information:You can enter your VAT, CST, Service Tax Nos. etc as you want it to appear on your invoices. You can leave it blank if you do not wish to use tax information.
  • Narration/Notes:Narration/Notes will appear at the bottom of Invoices. You can use these lines for Instructions, Terms & Conditions etc. Five fields are provided for notes. You can use any number of lines and keep the remaining blank as per your requirement. Or if you do not want to use any Notes or Terms, you can keep all of them blank.
  • Invoice Header:This header will appear on topmost line of your invoice. You can use terms such as RETAIL INVOICE, VAT INVOICE, INVOICE, TAX INVOICE, CASH MEMO Etc. Or you can keep this field blank, if you do not want anything to appear on top.
  • Invoice Copy Title: You can print any number of copies of the invoice. You can print any title on each copy such as ‘First Copy’,’Duplicate Copy’, ‘Office Copy’ etc.
  • Automatic Invoice Number: The invoice numbers are automatically generated and you can start from any invoice number of your choice. Suppose if you want to start from invoice no. 101, than simply put 101 in the invoice number field and enter your first invoice. Than after that the invoice number will automatically increase to 102, 103 etc. You can also include a Prefix and Suffix in the invoice number. For example you can easily create an invoice number like SOI/101/2008 by adding prefix and suffix. You can delete or edit any invoice anytime.
  • Multiple Series: You can store invoices in multiple series. The series name can be printed on invoice. For example different series for Tax Invoice, VAT Invoices and Retail invoices.
  • Use Book number feature: You can use book number features and automatically print book number on your invoices.

More Features of Our Invoice Printing Software

  • Automatic Calculations: All the Calculations are done automatically. This saves you a lot of time and effort. Various calculation methods available are: flat, % of item value, % of bill amount, per quantity of items, per weight of items etc.
  • Automatic Price Options:While preparing invoices there are multiple price options. You can fill price manually, pick from item master or pick from price structure. In price structure, you can define any type of prices for all clients. Also, you can create and use multiple price lists for items. You can assign any price list to a client. Software will automatically pick item prices for that client from assigned price list.
  • Automatic Amount in Words: Total amount of an invoice is automatically converted in words and printed on the invoice.
  • Print Batch Wise Detail: Print Batch Name, Expiry Date, Manufacture Date, Free Quantity on Invoice.
  • Save As PDF File:You can save each and every Invoice as a PDF file just by clicking the “PDF Export” button.
  • Save As Excel File: You can save each and every Invoice as a Excel file just by clicking the “Excel Export” button.
  • View / Search & Filter:You can view a list of all Invoices prepared. You can also search and filter them on the basis of Date, Number, Item name, or Party Name. And from here you can edit, directly take a printout or send it by email, just by clicking a button.
  • Print Product / Price List: You can view or take a print out of all your products and print our price list just at the click of a button. You can also generate a PDF file of your product / price list to be attached and sent as email to your customers.
  • Print Mailing Labels of your Customers:You can print mailing labels of all your customers or you can create a PDF file of your customers.
  • Print Gate Pass or Challans: You can print gate pass or challans or create a PDF File for challans or gate pass.