Library Management System Software is a part of complete school management system which maintains complete data for books/magazines, newspaper, issue and return of books, fine management and generation of no dues certificates and reports. This module helps to manage print materials like books, journal, magazines, etc. It maintains accession register, books catalog, books purchased list, etc. This module can be integrated with barcodes. School management software allows you to manage entire library through its simple and interactive way. It becomes easy to the librarian to manage all the items details (like author name, edition, publishers, language, etc) and it tracks all the books issued to students or staff. Also, you can easily maintain fine for books being late deposited or returns.

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Importance of the Best Library Management Software

Library management software is the best for school management to store the information related to all items of the library like books details (author, publishers, languages, editors). This module is very easy to use and cost effective software. With this module, subscribers can easily check the availability of books, journals, DVD’s, magazines in the library. This module requires less staff to be involved and it saves a lot of time.

Library Management module of Advanta Rapid ERP

Library Management System Software module comes with Advanta Rapid ERP school management system, college management software, and institute management software. In this module, you can easily maintain books details, books issue and return by students or staff members, also it automatically generate reports like books catalog, fine adjustments, overdue etc. Library module easily maintains and locates the books on shelves. The cost of software is affordable and it saves time in the arrangement of books and it reduces elimination of duplicity of books, journals, magazines, CDs and DVDs. Most of the clients associated with Advanta Rapid are well satisfied with working on this module as it provides security and less staff is involved.

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Salient Features of Library Management Software

Defining Books Details

In Advanta Rapid Library Management System Software, it’s easier to define books details like name of the book, author, publishers, suppliers, condition of the book, etc)

Fine Management

In Advanta Rapid, you can easily fix up fine according to the days of book return like: you have given the book to student or staff for 14 days and in case they did not return the book on time, so according to days say overdue for 5 days and Rs 5 will be charged for one day, so in total fine calculated to be Rs 25 for 5 days.

Subscription Management

Subscription means managing all the details for magazines and newspapers with their subscription number, date of issue/return, an amount charged, web address. This can help to know how many subscription are available in the library.

Book Issue and return

Issue and return for books in the Library Management Software module with Advanta Rapid help to maintain data for students or staff to whom books have been issued for certain period of time and also if books have returned on time.

View list of books issued

In Advanta Rapid list for all the books can be listed down along with issued books to a particular student and staff members.

Managing new arrivals

In case there are new arrivals for books, with Advanta Rapid Library Management System, you can easily manage and locate them into allotted shelves.

Complete Library management workflow

Step 1: Defining Branches, Languages, Author, Subjects, Editors, Publishers, Suppliers, place of publication, books condition, fine structure)

Step 2: Entering data related to books issued and return, receiving  fine, receipt for newspapers and magazines.

Step 3: Generating reports (accession register, books catalog, detail for books issue and return, books purchased list, fine register, subscription for newspaper and magazines)

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