Multi-User Management Software module is responsible for security and integrity of Advanta Rapid data. This module allows creating users, assigning passwords and grant/revoke permissions. We can assign module wise permissions, new/edit/delete permission (function wise permissions), enable/disable a user, and maintain user wise changes records. Each user in a system is defined under specified role and various fields are accessed depending upon their responsibilities. For example for accounting users- will only access to fees and payment transactions only, admin users- fully access given to view/edit all the transactions, admission, attendance, etc. This module is very flexible and can appoint and change different users along with their roles defined.

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Need of Multi-User Management System

Why there is a need for multi-user management software in schools/ colleges/ or institution? In simple words, this module can help administrator to configure access permission for all the users of the school, like librarian user will only go for Library department, Accountant for Fees and Vouchers, teachers will only look up for student attendance and staff attendance, etc. With the help of this module, the administrator can disable user account anytime and also can change the password. The major benefit to users of this module is that it provides full security of information.

Working of User Management in Advanta Rapid ERP

Multi-User Management Software is a part of Advanta Rapid ERP school management system, college management software, and institute management software. This module provides efficient way to manage different users with entire login details and access permission. Different users can be easily defined and to whom access is given to view/edit/update or delete data. If in case someone deletes some data from admin login or different users, then with the help of this software you can easily get to know about the person.

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Salient features of Multi-User Management

  1. Multi-user Management is very easy to use software.
  2. This module manages different users very efficiently with login username and password.
  3. The administrator can easily categorize different users and give permission for the access.
  4. The main feature of this module is that it is fully secured and without permission, data cannot be edit/delete/or update.

Workflow of Multi-User Management

  • Step 1: Defining and creating different users
  • Step 2: Granting different users permissions according to their role of responsibility

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