Fees Collection & Receipt Printing System Software for Schools & Colleges

Student Fees collection & receipt printing software is the most important department of a school, college or institute. This is the major source of income and major activity of any day in any education institute. In a school, you will need to receive fees from hundreds of students in a day and issue receipts to them. This process should be very fast and accurate. Advanta Rapid ERP is the School fee collection software, which automates department of fee collection for any school with complete security and consistency/accuracy of your data. Also, it allows receiving fees in seconds with few clicks of mouse/keyboard.

This student fee software will help the staff to utilize their time efficiently. It also reduces the overhead while collecting student fees so that management can utilize their time in other areas of the school. Is also has partial payment facility, balance adjustment facility, fee relaxation facility, percent discount, optional fees, concession, hostel fees system, transportation fees and separate conveyance facility. These features make the software a must for any school fee management software or college fee management software intended to computerize the process of student fee collection.

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School Students Billing and Fees Accounting Software

The student billing module can be configured to execute school policies. It fixes the fees structure of students at the time of admission. The concessions and other optional fees can also be defined at the time of admission. A fine structure can be defined for imposing fine to defaulters. The payment schedule tells students when and how much to pay. The system generates meaningful and quick reports. The student billing & payment module is tightly integrated with school accounting software or college accounting software module. All the fee receipts are automatically posted into respective ledgers and other accounting books.

Why Advanta Rapid is Best School/College Payment Management Module

Fees Module in Advanta Rapid ERP is a flexible payment option which handles all types of student fees structure like one-time fee, concession, one screen for all data entry, fast data entry and printing of receipt and provision for a user based strict security and permissions. With Advanta Rapid ERP, it is easy Transfer of students from one class to next class. No need to register the same student again. Just select and transfer/promote them to next class.

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Salient Features of School Fee Management System Software for Student Fees

  • Single click fast operation
  • Automatic calculation of pending fee
  • Automatic calculation of concessions applicable
  • Different fees to old students and new students
  • Parking Fees
  • Migration Fees
  • Flexible fee structure: one-time fee, refundable fee, annually fee, monthly fee, weekly fee, daily fee, installments
  • Optional fees components
  • Games fee
  • Receipts printing on all types of printers according to your own design

Security of School Fee Management Software

School Fees Administration Software is absolutely secure. All transactions are secure. It ensures that once a receipt has been printed the transaction cannot be changed, edited or deleted. We can get a list of transactions created, edited or deleted by a user. If we allow editing of data, we can get complete reports of editing and deletion. This aspect secures the system against any fraud.

School Fee Management Software is User-Friendly

School Fee Software is User-Friendly. A user with no knowledge of accounts can easily create billing heads with their details, make fee structures, enter fees due and receive payments. No technical training is required for your staff. All the fees transactions are automatically posted into accounts.

Fast School Fee Software

It is a very fast Student Fees management Software. As in any school or college, you process fees from hundreds of students in a day, speed is very important for fee collection software. So we have taken highest care of this aspect. It assigns fee structure of all students automatically by picking from class fee structure. You can also manually edit fee structure of any student. And, with few clicks of mouse or keyboard, you can issue the fee receipt to a student within few seconds.

Reliable School Fee Management System

School Fees Management System is reliable. All the transactions are stored in a well designed Ms-Access or Ms-SQL Server database. Data is automatically backed up at frequent intervals. The database is optimized automatically at frequent times to ensure maximum stability.

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School or college Fees management workflow

Below is the school or college fee workflow that covers entire process for Student Fees module:

Step 1: Fees setting/ Creation of Fees Structure

  • Fees Head Types: like sports fees, transportation fees, academic, examination, etc.
  • Fee Type: like annually, half yearly, monthly, quarterly and one time
  • Fees Head: like general, optional, transportation, etc
  • Class Fees Category
  • Class Fees Structure: Fees structure applied to which particular class
  • Late Fees Fine Structure: fine-structure like from date to date, on which criteria and how much the amount.
  • Due Fees Schedule

Step 2: Fees Payment/ Fees Receipt

Fees Collection either by cash/card/cheque: Receipts of school fees and of Dues/ penalty and refund

Step 3: Reports

Fees Collection & Receipt Printing Software provides a lot of meaningful reports. Following is a list of some of the reports:

  • Outstanding Fees
  • Received Fees from Students
  • Student Ledger
  • Student Fees Register
  • Advanced Fees Register
  • Student Fees collection: Date wise, head wise
  • Month wise Fees Ledger Detail
  • Date wise Fees Ledger
  • Defaulter Students
  • Optional Fees
  • Student/ Class Fees Structure
  • Late Fees Depositor

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