Staff Payroll and Salary processing Software module is the process to generate salaries of employees in an institutions/schools/ colleges. The entire process of payroll includes calculation of salaries, deductions, additions of any kind of benefit and final payment of salaries done either by cash/or cheque. Payroll System in Advanta Rapid ERP is fully integrated with simplicity to process the salaries for staff.

For this, you need to set up your employees first, then you can further process payroll system; like defining of departments along with designation, framing salary structure, leaves structures, deduction categories etc. Once you are done with this, you can enter data like working hours of employees for the particular period and deduction calculation is done automatically, which eliminate the need for manual calculations.

This module helps to maintain records for staff which includes staff profile; staff’s leave register, attendance register. Payroll System is governed by Government Statutory, which includes deductions and earnings like PF, ESI, Gratuity, etc.

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Importance of the Best Payroll Management Software

Payroll Management Module is very important task done by HR department and reasons for its importance are mentioned below:

1. Payroll in Advanta Witty is very user-friendly and easy to use without any expert training required.

2. It eliminates manual data entry and cost saving product.

3. Payroll module takes less time to generate salary.

4. With Single click of the mouse, you can see entire details of staff like their attendance, leaves, working hours, increment, etc.

5. You can also see the details of employees for the addition and deduction.

Payroll Management module of Advanta Rapid ERP

Staff Payroll and Salary processing Software comes with Advanta Rapid ERP school management system, college management software, and institute management software. This module is benefited for schools as it reduces paperwork to maintain records and also requires less time for generation of payment and reports. Payroll module will store the data and will help to generate salary along with perks accurately. Payroll maintains records for leave status (casual leave, half day leave, full day leave, etc) for employees and department wise. You can also maintain a list of holidays in payroll module. This module helps you to take care of monthly pay and allowances by calculating the number of days present in the office as well as authorized leave is taken by the staff.

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Salient Features Payroll Management Software

Staff Payroll Management System is very important task done by HR department and reasons for its importance are mentioned below:

1. Defining Earnings and deduction structure

With Advanta Rapid ERP, payroll module helps to define and maintain records for employee’s earnings, deduction at source, employee’s contribution

2. Calculation of Basic-Pay on Attendance

Payroll module in Advanta Rapid ERP marks the staff attendance within the software, which helps to frame basic salary on the basis of their attendance marked and which avoid any duplicity of any benefit or deduction done for staff.

3. Defining leave structure

In Advanta Rapid, you can easily define leave structure for staff like casual leaves, half day leaves, etc and also define a total number of leaves allotted for a particular session like 10 casual leaves for 1 academic year.

4. Carry forward of PF and Salary to bank accounts

Payroll modules calculate salary for staff after defining all the additions and deductions and is carry forwarded to their bank account directly.

5. Generating Pay Slips and reports

In Advanta Rapid ERP, you can generate all the reports related to payroll and pay slips with a single click.

6. Creation of Holidays and Bonus settings

You can define holidays, bonus or any other perks criteria in Advanta Rapid Payroll module.

7. Defining working hours structure

You can also define a total number of working hours spent by staff on a particular day, in case any staff has done over time that record is also maintained in Advanta Rapid ERP Staff Payroll and Salary processing Software.

Complete Payroll management workflow

Step 1: Payroll Configuration

Departments (teaching, non-teaching, accounts, etc)

Employee’s Grades

Designation (accountant, manager. Developer, receptionist, etc)

Salary Heads (DA, HRA, PF, ESI, etc)

Salary Structure (addition, deduction to basic salary)

Leaves (full day leave, half day leave, casual leaves, etc)

Leaves Structure (no. of leaves allowed throughout the session)

Banks (name of the bank for salary generation purpose)

Holidays (summer vacations, winter vacations, Diwali holidays, Christmas and New Year holidays)

Arrears (kind of benefits given to staff)

Termination, rejection, confirmed status of employees

Overtime calculation settings

Step 2: Staff Salary Generation

Attendance (Monthly)

Loans and Advance Payment

Loans and Advance Receipt

Bonus and Statutory Payments

Leave Adjustments or Encashment

Monthly Salary Adjustment

Staff Salary and Arrear Processing

PF Account Settlement

Bank Transfer Letter

Employee Full and Final Settlement

Step 3: Reports

Employee Register

Statutory Payments

Leave Summary/ Ledger

Monthly Salary Register

Arrear Register

Bank Advice

Department/ Employee wise salary Summary

Component Register

Advance (Advance register details, receivables)

Loan (Loan statement, receivables)

PF Reports (monthly PF, PF Register, Form: 3A, 6A, 12A 5, 10)ESI Register (ESI Register, month wise ESI register/ Summary, Form 5, family details)

Monthly TDS Register

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