Advanta Rapid ERP has introduced Email module to Send Emails to Students, Parents & Teachers. It is one of the most demanding modules in ERP. This module allows you to communicate with parents, students, teachers, management staff, Director of the school regarding details of the result, attendance, activities/ events, any document required, due slips, fees receipts, salary and much more. By Email module, you can directly send an email to keep parents updated about their child’s progress in academic and nonacademic activities. You can create various templates like fees, due slip, events with their result, student’s report card, inventory/shop, etc. Direct Email module is fully featured in a productive way to communicate with less effort and time.

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Importance of the Direct E-Mails Module

If we talk about existing system, when there were no school management software, there was a burden on administration staff to manage all the details of each and every student which leads to mismanagement and lot of papers required and almost 50-60% chances are there that information do not reach to parents on time and accurately. Direct Emailing module, communicate and build a strong relationship between school and parents without interacting face to face and information pass to parents or children on time and it is a cost saving module.

Direct E-Mails Module of Advanta Rapid ERP

The Advanta Rapid ERP school management system, college management software, and institute management software make it very easy to Send Emails to Students, Parents & Teachers. You can email progress report or alert on any kind of activities conducted on daily/ weekly/ monthly basis or in the case of holiday declared by the school. Using emails you can inform the parents quickly and on time. This module enables the school to build strong communication with parents without having face to face interaction. Email module in Advanta Rapid ERP offers services like sending student report cards to parents, an alert related to upcoming events and schedule, any complaints, attendance can also be sent through email.

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Features of Direct E-Mails Module Software

1. Configuration email

In Advanta Rapid, you need to configure email account like from which account you will send an email to parents.

2. Creating various email templates

Various email templates are created in Advanta Rapid like for fees reminder, attendance, exam result, activities, other information, etc.

3. Auto selection of account to whom email to be send

If you have entered parent’s email address in students information, then provision given in software that it will pick id for selected student automatically.

4. Unlimited of messages can be sent

There is no limit to send emails to the parents, you can send as many as you want to send for information.

5. Real time update

By Email module in Advanta Rapid ERP, you can send email on real time basis like in the case of the holiday in the school, you can immediately inform to parents.

6. Build strong bond with parents

Email module, build a strong bond with parents as they get to know about their students’ progress report, for the upcoming event and for any important document required.

7. Keeps a track for all the communication

In Advanta Rapid, there is a track for all the communication that has sent to parents and all the details mentioned.

Two Steps to complete Direct E-Mails Module workflow

Step 1: Creation of Email Account

Step 2: Creation of Email Templates

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