SMS module helps you to Send bulk SMS to students, staff, parents of a school, college or institute. It allows quick, easy and lower cost to communicate in case of lack of attendance or other important notifications. This system can send SMS on the registered mobile phone no. of students and parents. You can also send test results, exam results, due fees, shortage of attendance through SMS. Text messages are the effective tool for communication and you can send SMS either through the internet. Students can get to know about their exam date sheet, extra classes, upcoming events, holidays, attendance reports, etc.

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Benefit of Sending bulk SMS

SMS is an important and effective tool to convey about notifications to students and parents. This module of Advanta Rapid enables sending text messages in bulk so that particular notification can be communicated to a lot of people on time. It is useful when there is not much need to share information in brief as by doing this admin staff can avoid writing of letters and emails to parents/ students. Also, SMS via mobile is very useful for the people who need to get updated information but do not possess an internet connection.

Working of SMS Module in Advanta Rapid ERP software

Advanta Rapid ERP school management system, college management software, and institute management software have the facility to send messages, birthday wishes, informing about exams date sheet, upcoming events, holidays, percentage of attendance, shortage of attendance, beginning and ending of academic sessions, schedule for Parents Teacher Meet, etc. through SMS on registered mobile number and message can be sent either by phone or through the internet. For those parents who do not have the internet connection, they can get updates through mobile phones. This module saves a lot of time to communicate brief messages to parents/ students. Suppose there are chances of school remaining close due to some emergencies and management need to communicate parents at the same time, so for this, the best way to communicate with them is Advanta Rapid Bulk SMS facility, which will timely send one common message to every parent/student.

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Salient Features of SMS module in Advanta Rapid

  1. This module will send SMS message through the internet.
  2. There will be elimination to do phone calls to each and every parent which requires a lot of staff involvement and consumes time.
  3. You can easily prepare message template in advance like an update regarding fees due-date, parents-teacher meeting, attendance, upcoming events, result information, change in schedule, etc.One particular message can be sent to all parents/ students with a single click.
  4. There is no restriction to the limit to send messages.
  5. This is a useful tool by which parents can get an update about their child’s absence in the class.

How to Send bulk SMS to students of a school, college or institute

Step 1: Creation of SMS Accounts (details of the account through which SMS will be sent)

Step 2: Creation of SMS Templates (due fees, attendance, results, inquiry, shop/inventory, fees receipt, issue/ return of books)

Step 3: Send SMS to single student or a whole class or section

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