Student Behavior/Discipline Tracking Software helps to track and manage student behaviour and discipline. It helps to organize rules & regulations, punishment, behaviour or attitudes to maintain discipline in classrooms of school or college. The main intention for this module is to control and manage students’ action, habits, attitude and behaviour in class and school. This module helps to create and maintain Discipline in the students as well for teachers.

This is one of the most powerful tools for keeping a track and maintaining reports of student behaviour. It improves discipline among students as they will know that they are accountable for the actions they step up. This module tracks disciplinary actions and related records. It can also help the management to send notifications to parents via email or SMS.

The Student Behavior/Discipline Tracking Software is available for all types of schools, colleges, educational institutes, coaching institutes. This module is an important component of our school management system, college management software and institute management software.

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Importance of the Student Discipline Management Software

Discipline management software is important for every school, college or institution as it tracks & maintain records for the incidents like attitude, bullying, behaviour, dress code, etc. It allows to maintain discipline among students as well as for teachers. A number of reports are maintained for student behaviour and descipline tracking. Parents can get notification about their student’s behaviour via mails or messages. In case any complaint register for particular student or teacher, then management may take action and regular follow up may be taken along with records maintained in the software.

Discipline Management module of Advanta Rapid ERP

In Advanta Rapid ERP, you can easily maintain records for the discipline among students, either related to late comers, homework defaulters, misbehaving, etc. Advanta Rapid also has the facility to maintain reports for the same and to send notifications to parents. Regular follow up can also be taken till the closure of complaints.

Features of Discipline Management Software

1. Maintaining Documents

In Advanta Rapid ERP, this module maintains full documentation starting from the complaint register till its closure.

2. Tracking of punishment

In case penalty given to student or teacher that is systematically recorded like if that punishment is followed properly for the given time or it is skipped.

3. Reports Generation

Proper records are maintained related to discipline of students and teachers separately.

4. Notification to Parents

Parents can get to know about their student’s behaviour in school and in Advanta Rapid you can send notifications via telephonic, mails or messages.

Steps to complete Discipline Management workflow

Step 1: Observations creation: on the basis of observation, you can maintain discipline records for students like late-comers, attitude issues, misbehaviour, etc.

Step 2: Enter data for students and teachers: To record which student is creating indiscipline in class, or not behaving in a right way with students or with staff members.

Step 3: Generate Reports: You can easily and individually see the discipline reports for students.

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