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Student Enquiries Management Software - Advanta Rapid ERP Student Enquiries Management is the first step of student admission management process in a school, college or educational institute. Whenever a prospective student or his parents are searching to get admission in any education institute, they usually have a couple of options in their mind. So they contact more than one institute to enquire about admission and fees process etc. After doing the comparison, they may choose to take admission in the institute that they like the most. So you can understand that Student Enquiries Management Software is one of most important and crucial process for the success of a school, college, or education institute.

Importance of the Best Student Enquiries Management Software

As mentioned above, now we understand how important it is to streamline the student enquiry management process. If a school, college or institute stores the enquiries properly in their database only then they can process all the student enquiries efficiently. And by processing in an efficiently and timely manner, they can respond to the enquiries in a timely manner. You can also provide complete and more relevant information to prospective students and their parents in a short time.

Good Student Enquiries Management System makes a difference

A good Student Enquiries Management Software makes a lot of difference in the success or growth of a school. Any school, college, or educational institute that responds quickly and in a better way, gets more students admitted. And who knows better than you the importance of getting more student admissions?

Student Enquiries Management module of Advanta Rapid ERP

Advanta Rapid ERP school management system, college management software and institute management software come with a very powerful Student Enquiries Management System module. It tracks complete detail related to all student enquiries received by phone, email, and walk-ins. You can also record the prospectus or form sale income in this module. You can also keep track of the success of various advertisement companions like newspaper advertisements, TV advertisements, and pamphlets etc.

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Top 10 Features of Student Enquiries Management Software

Following are top 10 features of Advanta Rapid ERP students enquiries management system:

1.     It is a very fast Student Enquiries Management Software

Advanta Rapid ERP enquiry management module is very fast. So that you don’t waste much time on data entry while you are meeting a prospective student.

2.     Easy to use Enquiry Management System

This enquiry management module is easy to use. Anyone can start using it with a minimum effort and in a short period of time.

3.     Capture complete details of student enquiry

Advanta Rapid ERP Student Enquiries Management Software has all the student information fields. It helps you to capture complete detail related to the prospective student, educational background, details of parents, and the course/class the student is interested in.

4.     Fields are optional to save time

Although Advanta Rapid ERP enquiry management system allows you to capture lots of detail about student enquiry, but sometimes you or the student might be in hurry. So you might want to enter very basic detail about the enquiry. Advanta Rapid ERP helps you in this situation by allowing you to submit the form by filling just basic fields. More details can be filled in your next discussions with the prospective student.

5.     Covers walk-ins, phone, email and website enquiries

Enquiry management system helps you to tracks complete detail related to all types of student enquiries received by phone, email, and walk-ins.

6.     Can also capture enquiries received on school website or college website

Enquiry management system also has an option to automatically track student enquiries received on the school website, college website or educational institute website.

7.     Helps you to take enquiry follow-up and track full contact details

The important component of student enquiries module is the follow-up section. The enquiry management system will automatically remind you every day for the follow-ups required on that day.

8.     Available as one module or as a full school management system or college management system

Student enquiries module is available as a standalone module, or it also comes as a part of our school management system or college management system Advanta Rapid ERP.

9.     Save time by automatically import to registration

Once a student proceeds to take admission in your institute, you don’t have to enter all his details once again into the system. All the details of student can be directly imported from enquiry module into student registration & admission module. If a student gets admitted, all the information entered into Enquiries module also become available in registration module as well as Student Information System module.

10.  It has reports to help you do analysis of enquiry records

Enquiry management system also provides a number of reports to help you analyse the enquiry data for any given date range. You can print the reports or export the reports to Excel for further processing.

Two steps to complete enquiry management workflow

Following are 2 steps of student enquiries management system workflow:

1.     Capturing enquiries into Student Enquiries Management Software

In the first step, prospective students or their parents contact your institute through one of various contact methods. They can reach you through phone, email, website, or as a walk-in. All the information related to their enquiry is entered into Enquiry Management System.

2.     Responding to enquiries, or Enquiry Follow-up

As a part of enquiry follow-up, the school staff does a follow-up call or email. There may be a need to do more than one follow-up until the student gets admitted to your institute.

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