Every school, college or institute have certain criteria set to allow admission for students. The basic component of this criteria is Entrance test. And, merit list is prepared based on results of student entrance test. Student Entrance Test and Merit List Generation Software helps you to organize the entrance test and preparation of merit list for your school or college. The merit list is automatically generated according to norms of your institute. You don’t need to create separate excel or word sheet for calculation. But to maintain a separate record, you can export it to Excel as per your requirements. The components of this module are the sale of prospectus forms, printing of admit cards, conducting entrance test, storing grades, marks and generating merit list. This module is known to be a pre-admission module which records all the student inquiries before admissions start.

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Need for a good Student Entrance Test and Merit List Generation Software

This Preadmission module keeps the record of candidates who have registered for entrance test after verifying their eligibility criteria. If candidates fulfill all the requirements, an admit card is issued to them. Once the exam is held, marks are calculated and merit list is generated automatically. The importance of this module is that it maintains complete transparency in the entire process of admission. The merit list contains registration number that qualified student holds for admission on a particular date and time. This module is easy to use, simple data entry and almost no training required.

Advanta Rapid ERP Merit List/Entrance Exam Module

Advanta Rapid ERP school management system, college management software, and institute management software come with a very good Merit list and entrance test module. The components of this module are the sale of the prospectus, the sale of forms, printing of admit cards, conducting the entrance test, storing the marks, grade, preparing the merit list of students and more. Sale of the prospectus is an income for any institution. So it automatically reflects in school/college accounting module. At the time of student admission, this module provides full transparency. There is no chance to change marks as it is automatically generated. The merit list in Advanta Rapid contains qualified candidates to whom unique enrollment number is being issued and eligible candidates who are on the waiting list. Also, school management can inform to the candidates via message or Email.

Salient Features of Student Merit List preparation Software

  • This module is a complete tracking system for the entire process of admission.
  • It allows handling the sale of prospectus/ admission forms.
  • Records candidate’s previous educational qualification.
  • This system provides transparency in the admission process.
  • Elimination of manual working and paperwork.
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Workflow of Entrance Exam and Merit List generation

Step 1: Sale of Prospectus/ Application Forms

First and foremost step for registration or admission for students is the sale of application forms or prospectus which defines eligibility criteria.

Step 2: Conducting Entrance Exam

Once students have filled up the application form, the institution set entrance exam date which is predefined by an institution.

Step 3: Calculating and storing marks/ or grades

After conducting entrance exam you need to calculate marks and store the data in Advanta Rapid for the students who have applied for entrance.

Step 4: Preparing Merit List

After all the marks calculated for the students, merit list is prepared on that basis. For Example for +1 (non-medical) cut off should be 89-100%; for +1 (Commerce) cut off goes 60-75%, etc. This list is customized as per institute. And maybe if any student does not fit any criteria, he/she ought to not get the admission in particular school.

Step 5: Counseling or interview

Once merit is generated next step is to inform the students who fulfill all the eligibility criteria and they are called up for counseling or interview with all the necessary documents in the form of original and Photostat for the further procedure to take admission.

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