Student information system manages the database for students and other aspects of school or college very efficiently. This system provides capabilities to register students in particular class, courses, sections, tracking students attendance, examinations and many more student-related data that are needed by a school. This module is used to track all data information of students. You can have access to student’s personal details, parents, address, academic, medical and Discipline records with just a few clicks.

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Benefits of Student Information System in a School or College

Student information system is very important for every school/ or institution to record and maintain an accurate database for every student who has got admission to the school. This system provides efficient database and it eliminates paperwork and extra effort utilized by the management team. Student information system stores all the information like name, address, contact information, parents details, previous qualification of students and many more data related to students that school/ or institution requires. The process to store all the information requires minimal staff involvement and it saves a lot of time.

Student Information System module of Advanta Rapid ERP

Advanta Rapid ERP school management system, college management software, and institute management software is a very powerful Student Information System. It has the facility to maintain records for each and every student who have come for inquiry purpose till the time of student admission. It maintains records like students admission list, student health reports, student discipline, student attendance, students who have avail transportation, student examination reports students fees structure and the list continues. Advanta Rapid has the facility to send any kind of notification or alerts regarding students via messages or Emails.

Features of Student Information System

  • Maintenance and reporting of student data
  • Handling inquiries, admission, registration, issuing roll no. enrolment no. for old and new students.
  • Maintaining records of student fees, attendance, behavior, etc.
  • Allotment of class and section
  • Records of examination, grades and academic program.
  • Maintaining student records for transportation, medical/health, inventory/shop/canteen.

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