Student Registration & Admissions Management Software

Advanta Rapid ERP – Student Registration & Admissions Management Software module handles the registration and admission process for both existing and new students. This module is designed and organized in to ensure smooth working of a school, college or educational institution. This software allows you to manage the admission and registration process of all the students along with storing their family details, previous schooling information, school transfer certificates and birth certificates with their photograph. Also, you can keep a track of prospectus sale, refundable security deposit, and one-time registration fee, assign the course/class, section and roll number to the student.

This module is fully integrated with school/college accounting module, as all the incomes generated from students are reflected in all accounting books and reports. You can apply different options to students based on their criteria like; migration from other boards/ or universities, old or new students, etc. Users using this module like the simplicity of school ERP software. It helps them to manage various activities like promote/ demote students, student fee receipts, and issues various certificates to the students. Also, the simple software requires zero training.

The Student Registration & Admissions Management Software is available for all types of schools, colleges, educational institutes, coaching institutes. This module is an important component of our school management system, college management software and institute management software. Users using this module are appreciating the simplicity of ERP and it helps them to keep data like promote/ demote students, payment and other status details with zero training required by experts.

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Importance of the Best Student Registration and Admission Management System

For the smooth working of a school or college, it is very important to create a systematic workflow. If the school is not having a good ERP software solution then there will be a lot of paperwork and manual filing process. That will take a lot of time and administration will require more staff. This may also result in human errors, mistakes, and time-consuming process. In order to overcome these problems, Advanta Rapid ERP, provides this module to easily handle the data and process. By using this automated admission management system, whole admission process becomes fast, accurate. Also, all the information becomes available with a single click.

Student Registration and Admission Management module of Advanta Rapid ERP

As we discussed above, Advanta Rapid ERP school management system comes with a Student Registration and Admission module, which tracks complete detail of students like – student inquiries, student registration entry, allotment of enrollment no., section assignment. It also handles both existing as well as new students and generated informative reports for school or college management.

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Top 8 Features of Student Registration and Admission Management Software

1. Handle entire registration and admission process of students for every academic year

Advanta Rapid ERP manages to handle the entire process of registration till the time student is admitted to the school.

2. Previous education details are recorded

Advanta Rapid ERP has the facility to record students educational details for the past years like; from which board or school he/or she has come.3. Records of students, who are admitted to academic year in, specify course,

3. Academic year wise records of students

With Advanta Rapid ERP, it becomes very easy for management to keep a track record of the students who got admission in a particular class, course, and section. Lots of information reports are available that help the school management to take quick decisions.

4. Records of students whose application form are accepted or rejected

In Advanta Rapid ERP, the process of registration and admission complies of acceptance and rejection list too, means in case, if any student does not match up with the selection criteria and his application rejects due to some reasons, Advanta Rapid has the facility to see the list of rejection or acceptance list individually.

5. Maintains a unique id for all students

For all the students, who have got admission in school, Advanta Rapid ERP, has the facility to generate unique ID to the students, so that there will be no duplicity of students enrolled.

6. Upload and store student Photos

In Advanta Rapid ERP, you can upload passport size photograph for all the students, which is easy for identification.

7. Attach and store any type of documents and data related to students

Along with photo upload, Advanta Rapid ERP has the facility to upload other documents or details of students like; family background, birth certificate, transfer certificate, any medical history, etc.

8. Customized reports generation

Advanta Rapid ERP, generate accurate reports and in customize manner like in case you want to search for student according to roll no. wise or by enrolment no, etc.

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Steps to complete Student Registration and Admission management workflow

Below mentioned is a flowchart, which covers entire process for Registration and Admission module:
Step 1: Pre-admission – Prospectus sale/ Admission Form sale
Step 2: Student Admission – Fees payment, Registration id/enrollment no., generating ID cards, Reports generation

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