Student Attendance Management System module for schools and colleges maintains a quick and accurate recording of student’s attendance. This module is used to identify irregularities in the academic interests of the students. The same can be used to assess the student and give individual attention to the causes of absences. This module also helps imposing fines for absences/late comings. You can create complete attendance reports and summary of the student. Based on the presence % students can be allowed to sit in exams. This module is developed in the school management software so that attendance can be easily monitored and track by management and parents.

This module bridges effective communication between students, teachers, and parents by sending notification about attendance via Email or SMS. Marking of attendance for each student for each class sometimes sounds boring task being all you have to do is paperwork which can consume a lot of time, so according to management need, Student Attendance module has introduced in Advanta Rapid ERP- School Management software which is easy to perform a task and it saves a lot of time. In this, numerous reports related to student attendance can be generated within a single click.

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Benefits of a good Student Attendance Management System Software

To record or marking of attendance for each and every student is not an easy task and it consumes a lot of time due to which no accuracy of data is maintained. Following are 5 major benefits of student attendance:

  1. Manual marking of attendance usually takes time, so with this module in school management software that will be overtaken and teachers need not put extra effort to mark attendance.
  2. Attendance records are kept safe and can be checked easily whenever required.
  3. This module saves a lot of time and results in accuracy, you just need to mark attendance, rest all the reports are automatically generated.
  4. The major advantage of this software is that it is very flexible and can be adopted by small and large schools at reasonable pricing.
  5. This module provides smooth working of schools/or institution and instant alerts can be sent to parents/ students related to the shortage of attendance, monthly attendance reports, etc.

Student Attendance Management Software Module of Advanta Rapid ERP

The Student Attendance Management System module is a component of school management system, college management software, and institute management software. It reduces the burden of maintaining records on paper and carries out the task in most effective and efficient way. This module is designed to handle various attendance requirements without much effort involved. This is one of the best features in Advanta Rapid ERP as it simplifies a wide range of  student attendance documents. This software has the facility to share attendance reports via Email or SMS. With a single click you can easily get to the reports like monthly attendance register, irregularity of students in class for more than 3 days, shortage of student attendance and much more.

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Features of Student Attendance Management Software

  1. Student Attendance Management automatically generates attendance reports for students exactly.
  2. With the help of this module, daily message alerts can be sent to parents for the time in and time out of students.
  3. Attendance Reports on the basis daily/ weekly/ yearly can be easily be seen.
  4. This module requires less of administrative and paperwork.
  5. Marking of attendance with this module is real time tracking.
  6. This module is integrated with student information system.

Complete workflow model of Student Attendance

Step 1: Marking of attendance class wise, student wise

Step 2: Report Generation (Student Attendance sheet/ register, defaulters list, attendance in and out timings)

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