Web Internet Reporting Software System for Schools and Colleges – Web Internet Reporting Software System allows posting all Advanta Rapid data to the internet. It makes MIS reports available to management always, parents can log in to the website and view student performance. Teachers can communicate with students, students can communicate with other students, Students can view results, fees detail and timetable online. No need to maintain students diary. This reporting module is highly on demand as this generates various reports includes fee details, student registration, student admission, classes, subjects and much more. By this module, parents/ students/and any member of the school can check the reports by login to software through website no matter about the place.

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Importance of Web/Internet Reporting

The internet or online reporting is very demanding software that every school needs to manage numerous reports and users can check anywhere they want to see. This module comes with a variety of reports and displays any data in a systematic way. Online reporting secures all the information as it will be only accessed by users who have username and password like parents, students, chairman of the school, teachers, admin staff, etc. They can only see reporting part so no modification can be done. In online reporting part, reports can easily be generated either it is related to student admission, fees receipts, attendance.

How Web/ Internet Reporting work with Advanta Rapid ERP

Advanta Rapid ERP school management system, college management software, and institute management software is a very powerful online reporting system. There are various reports that can be seen online. Advanta Rapid provides full security to all the data that is uploaded online with permission access so that no data can be modified. This module in Advanta Rapid helps to execute reports like student admission/registration, student attendance/ staff attendance, student’s exam result sheet. You can also see a list of students class wise/section wise, enrollment no. wise. Also, particular student can be selected by the administrator by name or roll number wise rather scrolling down to search for student in the whole list for the particular class.

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Features of Web/ Internet Reporting

  1. This module provides a wide range of reports from the list of admission till student fees details.
  2. This module provides data security and certain users have been defined permission access to see records. And in case if any user does not have any kind of role. Then he/she will not be able to access online reporting.
  3. Separate reports are generated for classes wise, subject wise.
  4. This module helps to keep a track record for the strength of the class for the particular date. Like how many were present/absent in number and percentage form.
  5. This is an online feature, which helps to see the reports by simply login to the website. No matter where you are present at that particular time.

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